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dotPeek 1.1: update to the free decompiler from JetBrains

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It’s been a long time since we released an update to the decompiler.
And yesterday we released : dotPeek 1.1 now is available to the general public
dotPeek 1.1: update to the free decompiler from JetBrains
Recall that dotPeek is a free decompiler for .NET builds which shows the resulting C# code and allows you to explore it with a variety of navigation and search functions that are familiar and, hopefully, sympathetic to users of our other product, ReSharper.In particular, dotPeek lets you search for a particular type, symbol, or class member in all loaded assemblies; move from symbol declarations to symbol uses and vice versa; and analyze inheritance hierarchies. In addition, with debugging information files (.pdb), dotPeek shows the original source code of assemblies and is friendly with symbol servers such as Microsoft Reference Source Center and SymbolSource.org, from which it can download the source code of various libraries if needed.
As for the new version itself, it may be of interest to .NET developers for several reasons :

  • dotPeek now allows export decompiled assemblies to projects (.csproj) We are long and persuasively asked for it, and here it is, happiness: to restore the lost sources from the remaining libraries is now much easier. Besides creating a project and saving the recovered source code in its structure, dotPeek can create solution files (.sln), reproduce the folder and file structure based on debug information, set the project type based on the build type, save the export history and remind you that this or that build has already been saved as a project.
    dotPeek 1.1: update to the free decompiler from JetBrains
  • Logically from the first point follows the second : project files (.csproj) and their contents can now be examined without leaving dotPeek This is useful when one part of the code you are studying is available in its original form, and the other part is only available as assemblies.
  • Decompiling BAML – Another long-awaited feature that allows you to learn the UI markup of WPF application builds.
    dotPeek 1.1: update to the free decompiler from JetBrains
  • Decompiling support appeared async-methods from last C# 5.0 and expression trees (expression trees) from LINQ. The decompilation of C# events is fixed.
  • Navigation through assemblies and their contents was improved by introducing the command Go to Everything in the footsteps of ReSharper 8: it consolidates the search for files, types, class members, namespaces, and assemblies.
  • Back in the first version of dotPeek, we tried to drag as much relevant functionality from ReSharper into it, but some things didn’t work right away. We’re catching up now: in version 1.1 the decompiler has bookmarks , which (paradoxically and inexplicably) help you mark the most interesting lines of code in builds you want to study and quickly return to them when needed.
    dotPeek 1.1: update to the free decompiler from JetBrains
  • dotPeek learned save the state of windows and list of recently opened files , and now restores all these parameters after closing and re-opening the application.
  • In addition to the .msi installer, dotPeek is now distributed as a standalone 32- and 64-bit exe files Because of these new distribution variants, we discarded the .zip distribution that was used before.

For a full list of new functionality and improvements in dotPeek 1.1, please see here
Download the new version of the decompiler from our official site It’s free and you don’t need a license: just take it and go.

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