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Drugs to improve memory and brain function

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Life extension is one of the areas of research and close interest of our space-time continuum. We have already begun to live longer.
If you take accidents out of the calculation, a normal person lives to about 80 years or more. And there is a chance that soon they will start making artificial organs, blood, something else, and that we will live even longer.

However, even if we live to see that time, will we be able to take advantage of it? To do so, we need a healthy and active brain that can know, enjoy, remember, develop–that is, be healthy. After all, it is the brain that is the center of our whole system, our personality.
And while the kidneys, blood, eyes, teeth, etc. may start to replicate, the brain is out of the question for now. So, we need to keep it healthy and functioning.

And that’s just how much of a problem this is.

In this article, I will choose the best set of supplements and vitamins for value for money to keep our brains healthy and active into our old age.

By taking this set of supplements we can not only reduce the likelihood of various brain diseases in old age, but also make it awake, active and good at remembering information now.

Addendum in 2 weeks – this article turned out to be the second one, I recommend reading the prequel before buying or using supplements https://geektimes.ru/post/292609/
Drugs to improve memory and brain function

Painting "Birth of a dragon in the sky in a dream", oil on canvas.

This article is based entirely on the book "Healthy Brain. Program for Improving Memory and Thinking" and the main purpose of the article is to select a set of supplements to be taken in Russian conditions. For a full immersion in the subject I highly recommend reading the book. Search the price of the book here https://libs.ru/book/450824/ , and as usual you can search on runet.

Why even think about your brain beforehand?

In modern times, most reasonable and well-to-do people (not alcoholics, scumbags, etc.), have started living much longer than a couple or three decades ago. If before to live to 60 was usually already good, now we can safely count on 80-90 years of life. Of course, you shouldn’t cling to that term and you can die at any second, but, it’s advisable to take that into account.

So, it is very likely that we will live 80-90 years (or more).

What is the likelihood that we will live, learn, and benefit others at age 70, 75, 80? According to today’s statistics, it’s small. And it is not about the physical condition of the body, but about the fact that our brain will stop functioning normally and we will become more and more vegetable-like, sitting on the sofa, consuming the usual entertainment (TV shows, games, etc.), forgetting ourselves and losing the ability to learn new things and do anything at all.

Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of the onset of dementia in older patients. In America, 4.5 million suffer from the disease, and by 2030, when the baby boomer generation ages, that number could rise to 9 million. Pruf https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27570871

For the elderly over the age of 65, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is 10%, but the risk rises to 50% when you reach age 85. Within the interval, the risk increases proportionately.

But even without this disease, there are other disorders and severe reductions in our cognitive ability – forgetfulness, confusion, Parkinson’s, etc.
Often, even at age 50, we no longer remember where our keys are, keep to-do lists, glue sheets to our monitors, etc.

Personally, I am not happy with this fate and I would like to be active until death, learn new things, learn, be useful. So if there are ways to reduce risks + improve brain function right now, I think it’s worth asking around.

As the book argues, it takes very little and, not only that, the necessary actions will benefit us right now – make us more awake and smarter.

OK, I bought it, you say. What does it take to do that? To do that, you have to start taking care of your brain. How? The answer is simple – you have to study what you need to do for its health and do what you study.

Below I will choose supplements and vitamins that you can start taking right away. Of course, before doing so, researching whether there are any contraindications for you on them.
I would also recommend that you start reading books on the subject and get into it a little at a time. It’s not much time consuming and you can do it instead of a TV show or a newspaper or other habitual passing of time.

Who wrote the article.

I have been studying modern methods of improving brain performance and prolonging life for a long time. I am not a doctor and I have no professional education, which means everything is written based on reading books, articles, personal experience and common sense.

I am a programmer by life, I am fond of yoga (long time ago and seriously, one of the founders of yoga shala in St.Petersburg) and philosophy of Buddhism. I have higher mathematical degree from St.Petersburg State University, I am a mathematician.
That is, one would hope that the author’s mind is logical, which can screen out obvious nonsense.


Once again, I am not a doctor, I take information from books and apply it to myself. Study the instructions, see if there are any contraindications for you.

I highly recommend reading books on your own to gain knowledge. The book the article is based on is "Healthy Brain. A Program for Improving Memory and Thinking" is in the book search engine ( https://libs.ru/book/450824/ ), there you can choose the option you want by price. Or as usual search you know where, we are in Russia 🙂

Choosing supplements and vitamins for level 1

The book highlights 3 levels in terms of the state of health our brains may be in.

Level #1 is the normal condition, of the average person. The recommendations for taking supplements are designed for those who want to make the mind sharper and keep that condition until old age. It is claimed that by taking these supplements we greatly reduce the risks of brain disease in old age and make it more active now.

If you smoke or are over 50, you need to study the Level 2 or 3 sets. Read the book. The basic kit will remain, but for the next levels the doses are increased and supplements are added.

So, let’s begin the fun part. It should be taken daily, preferably in the morning with breakfast (or any other time with food):

  1. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 300 mg daily dose.
  2. B vitamin complex, one capsule per day containing B vitamin group + Folic acid, a daily dose of 400 mcg as part of the B vitamin complex.
  3. Coenzyme Q10, daily dose : 30 mg.
  4. Vitamin E, daily dose 200 units. (Buy d alpha tocopherol, not dl alpha tocopherol : the latter is chemically produced and has a much lower level of biological activity).
  5. Vitamin C, daily dose 200 mg

Note : links to iherbs site are affiliate links, I think they will give you 5% off your first order (not sure). This is not to say that I advertise them and earn money, just in the process of writing this article saw this opportunity and decided to take advantage, in case it will accumulate for the next order. If you do not like this topic, just delete the link at the end of SAV8512 and all, no offense.

1. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), daily dose 300 mg.

A very important element without which brain cells cannot function properly. With today’s diet, we usually don’t get enough of this fatty acid, which leads to depression, decreased alertness and intelligence, and increases our risk of getting Alzheimer’s.
This is why it is recommended to take DHA in the form of a dietary supplement. When studying the issue, it becomes clear that branded supplements, such as those on iherbs – which contain the right dose of DHA and cost from 473 rubles for a can of 200 capsules is actually just fish oil.

DHA in English Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and in the capsules it is written as :
natural fish oil concentrate – 1000mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acids:
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) — 180mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — 120mg

Interesting – While searching, I read on wikipedia that "Soviet scientists hypothesized a lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet, after which the national government organized large-scale preventive measures. Schools and kindergartens introduced compulsory ingestion of fish oil, which was taken by children in liquid form."


So, we need to buy fish oil and take 2-3 grams a day.

OPTION 1. (GOOD) Fish oil, 50ml bottle., Tula factory ave. The price is 148rub.
The price of a dose – 6-9rub.
The manufacturer inspires confidence with its Soviet-ness, but it is still unclear how to dispense 1ml. from the jar every morning. I want something more simple.
(Update – after 3 days of use, I can say it’s not hard to drop 2 drops into a spoon)

Option 2. (BAD). Fish oil, Biafishenol, salmon
Site tin, such as in the description on the manufacturer’s website
there is no composition of the capsule or even its weight.
But there are many phrases like "This cold water has a particularly high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) Omega 3."
Since this is the manufacturer’s website and there are no photos of the composition, weight, etc. online, the conclusion is that something is wrong there, better not to risk your brain and screw around with a jar or buy expensive American pills.

Option 3. (GOOD). Site iherbs, Now Foods, Omega-3, 200 soft gelatin capsules. Price 473rub.
Compared prices with Amazon, if you order to an address in america, then iherbs to Russia is still cheaper. So shopping for overseas supplements I assume to do there.
There are different manufacturers, in my analysis, I personally approached Now Foods – American, has been operating since 1968, the prices are solid medium level (not super cheap, not expensive). And the main thing is the form of release and dosage suitable.
Two options from this manufacturer, the option for 473rub. 200 capsules, taking 2 pieces, that is a reserve of 100 days.
The price of a dose is 4, 73rub.

2. Vitamin B complex.

Bad moods, depression, irritability, and lack of self-control are often the result of vitamin B deficiency. Vitamins from this group help control levels of homocysteine, an amino acid produced by the body. High homocysteine causes inflammation, damages the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain, and kills brain cells.
The book recommends the following complex :
B1 (thiamine) – 50mg
B3 (niacin) – 50mg
B6 (pyridoxine) – 50mg
Folic acid – 400mcg
B12 (cobalamin) – 500mcg


Russian producers of complex supplements, alas, I could not find. Among foreign won the above-described Now Foods + Nature’s Bounty (separately b12, as a single supplement all at once could not find, looked several manufacturers, this manufacturer works since 1870 and at average prices).

3. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Coenzyme Q10 according to the book is one of the most important elements for brain health. For example, the decline of brain activity already in middle age happens precisely because of its deficiency. This element is needed for two important things – to produce energy in the brain (to think) and to protect brain cells from free radicals that destroy it.
Pretty famous company. http://www.lifeextension.com/about/lef-scientific-achievements-in-health-and-longevity_01 – writes in its list of accomplishments that it was the first to recommend this element for ingestion for heart health and to prolong life.
So, according to their information, we also protect our heart and prolong life when we take this supplement.
You can also look at a reputable resource https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed information about it, but it’s certainly not easy to figure out.


Option 1. (BAD). Grosshertz Coenzyme Q10, 30mg capsules, price 330rub.
The price of a dose – 11 rubles. (A pack of 30 capsules).
Bought in a good pharmacy with the best prices in St. Petersburg
Put badly, as I did not understand two things :

  • name which is misleading, the additive is produced in Murmansk
  • why dyes and other chemicals are added to the pills

Option 2. (GOOD). Now Foods, CoQ10, 30 mg, 240 vegetable capsules, price 1230rub.
The price of a dose of 5.13rub.

4. Vitamin E, daily dose 200 units.

The author claims that this vitamin is one of the brain’s main protectors against inflammation and harmful elements. He also cites research that its regular intake rejuvenates the brain by about 10 years. And this has been proven by studies and tests. At the same time, it significantly reduces the risk of disease.


I found two types at the drugstore
Option 1. made in Russia, Ekaterinburg, cost 30 rubles.
The price of the dose – 6rub. (In a pack of 10 pieces, you need to take 2 pieces)

Option 2. Vitamin E, Zentiva, 169 rubles
The price of the dose is 11.2 rubles. (in a package of 30 pieces, you need to take 2 pieces)

Option 3. Vitamin E, Natural Factors, 90 gelatin capsules, 540rub.
The price of a dose is 6rub. (Must be taken one piece).
On this vitamin on the only marked that it is d alpha tocopherol. That’s why I chose to take them.

5. Vitamin C, daily dose 200 mg

Everyone has known since childhood that if you get sick, drink vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system. The dose during illness is about 1 gram.
The book suggests drinking it daily, 200 mg. The author claims that this powerful antioxidant easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and increases the effectiveness of another important antioxidant for the brain, vitamin E. If not enough vitamin C is supplied, the brain is less protected from free radicals, resulting in depressed brain activity and memory impairment. Read more about this in the book.


It’s simple, they’ve been making it in Russia a lot and a long time, look for ascorbic acid. I would prefer pure, but it’s usually in powder and it’s tricky to dose. With glucose, 10 tablets of 100 mg. costs us 9 rubles. You need two pills.
The dose is 1.8 rubles.

OPTION 2. (GOOD) 21st Century, C-250, 110 tablets of 250 mg., 155rub.
The price of a dose of 1.4 rubles.

What are these supplements, why take them?

As the author of the book says, supplements are micronutrients that are sufficient to be obtained in very small doses.

Their weight is measured by :
In micrograms (the mcg designation), one millionth of a gram. That is, if the dose is 1000mcg, it is only 0.001 grams. One thousand micrograms equals one thousandth of a gram!
In milligrams (mg designation), one thousandth of a gram. That is, if the dose is 100mg, it is 0.1 gram. One tenth of a gram.

Supplements are taken to obtain substances necessary for brain function, which are not enough in our daily food. Or, which are quickly used up by our bodies due to an unfavorable environment – pollution, lack of sunshine, etc.

When some substances are not enough, then, gradually, the brain starts to work worse + some irreversible changes can come (so to say, comes old age and we start to veg out). So to prevent this we take these supplements.

How do you store dietary supplements?

Be sure to read the instructions. For example, fish oil must be stored in the refrigerator, otherwise it spoils.
It’s a shame to buy an expensive supplement and then take a spoiled one. So take the time to study the instructions.

How and when is it best to take supplements?

Take supplements with food. Most supplements are much better absorbed when taken with food.

You could buy a medicine box with 4 compartments, for example, and put your supplements in there for 2 days.


IMPORTANT. Stick to the recommended doses – more is not better. Regularity is important! If you miss it, don’t take 2, 3, 4 times as much.

Some additives can cause harm if significantly overdosed.

What else do you need to do to keep your brain healthy until old age?

Article Habits to prolong life


I apologize for the errors, I was tired by the end of writing.
My thanks to author David Perlmutter for his work.
I hope this will be useful to someone and may we all live long, happy and with a healthy brain 🙂

Recommended compound for daily intake :

Fish oil and vitamin D are very important for both brain and body, minerals and protein are important for long term body health. It is desirable to take for those over 30 years of age.

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