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EkbDotNet Meeting #1 – Ekaterinburg joins the DotNet.Ru community

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Hi all! Ekaterinburg will host the first EkbDotNet meeting in Ekaterinburg on 28th of November. So Ekaterinburg finally joins DotNet.Ru community, Hooray 🙂

EkbDotNet Meeting #1 - Ekaterinburg joins the DotNet.Ru community

My name is Zhenya Ryzhikova JaneRyzhikova And now I will tell you how it came out and what will be at the meeting (spoiler:two talks about .NET from speakers from Kontur and Tinkoff).

How it came out

The story is as simple as value type: I live in Yekaterinburg, I write code in Contour, and there are designers around MITAP will be held then the testers at the touring with reports will go. Where to go as a .NET developer, of which we have more than a thousand in Yekaterinburg?

Well, in general, it’s clear where – to DotNext. That’s where I went. There I met Anatoly Kulakov, Julia Tsisyk and other guys from https://dotnet.ru – And it’s all wrapped up…

Here, now also Join in and unite :

EkbDotNet Meeting #1 - Ekaterinburg joins the DotNet.Ru community

What will be at EkbDotNet meeting #1

I hope that everything will go predictably: the speakers from Kontur and Tinkoff will make a couple of reports, and then we will go to a bar and talk about the unbearable happiness of programming on the .NET platform.

Sergei Maryin – How to shoot yourself in the foot by accident from a standard library

A few stories about sudden errors that occur when using standard libraries (both BCL and just popular ones). Despite years of development and millions of users of the .NET platform, no one is immune to being shot in the foot when using a standard class in a completely standard way. Let’s break down the examples and talk about why this happens and why it’s important to design the API to be a "success funnel" rather than a "failure funnel."

Sergey is a lead developer in Contour, makes infrastructure solutions in the data science team. He writes mostly in .NET, but gladly tries other technologies. In his spare time he successfully takes part in AI programming competitions.

EkbDotNet Meeting #1 - Ekaterinburg joins the DotNet.Ru community
No, no, Vlad Vasilyev is on the left, and Sergei Maryin is on the right.

Evgeny Firstov – PostgreSQL: Under Pressure

I will tell you how to correctly design a scalable storage for a loaded system using PostgreSQL and effectively import gigabytes of data into it. I will show you the dark side of Entity Framework and ultra-technological mechanisms of working with large amounts of data in PostgreSQL.

Evgeny was developing neural networks in Python at IRIT-RTF, until he got acquainted with the refined finesse of high-loaded services under .NET. Now he is developing high-loaded services in the Telephony project at Tinkoff.

Participation is free, but you need to register so there will be enough chairs and cookies for everyone. Register, call your friends, and come 🙂

Also, subscribe to our VK community and on Telegram There will be announcements of the next mitaps.

See you soon!

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