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Electronic fare payment and… they forgot about ecology.

by admin

On January 1, 2009 a new form of fare payment came into effect in Samara. It is refillable plastic electronic cards. I have not yet bought one myself, but I constantly ride public transport (buses/trolleybuses/trams/metros) and watch.
Despite the fact that payment is now possible via card (i.e. money has been taken out of the payment process in transport), to confirm the trip, paper tickets are issued, which differ only in color from the tickets purchased with money.
I wonder why the payment confirmation could not be transferred to the card itself. When you pay, the machine serving these cards makes a mark (record) in the card chip of the balance of money, that is, subtracts the cost of the trip from the amount on the card and writes it back. It is quite possible to make a memory cell for the unique session of the trip, which is generated when the transport starts from the depot or the final stop.
And when control enters the bus – controllers, get a session of that trip, and start checking all cards for that session.
It would eliminate the use of paper tickets, at least for people who pay by card, of which there are more and more. That and the concern for the environment would be and the cost of producing tickets would be reduced. The initial refinement of such chips would obviously cost less.
1) If there were no tickets – you couldn’t pick up someone else’s ticket anymore, or just take it.
2) Although, of course, having your own stitching machine in your pocket, you could read from another card you just paid for the session and put it in, but I don’t think there would be many such skilled people and card-sharing enthusiasts.

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