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Elinchrome EL-SkyportRadio Synchronizers Review

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Elinchrome EL-SkyportRadio Synchronizers Review
For quite some time I have been using as radio synchrolinks for flash Cactus v2 They are relatively inexpensive, small in size, and quite suitable for studio shooting. But as I’ve already wrote Their reliability in low temperatures leaves a lot to be desired. Much better.
When the question of buying something more practical came up, I first took a long look at the PocketWizards They are super reliable, work up to 500 meters. But there is one "but": the price of about 6000 rubles. And you need at least three, or better four.
That’s when I noticed the synchronizers EL-Skyport from Elinchrom Which cost about 3, 000 rubles apiece. About them I will briefly tell you.


I’ll start with the size comparison, I guess. It speaks volumes :
Elinchrome EL-SkyportRadio Synchronizers Review
Not only are the PocketWizards bigger than all of them combined, but they also have a huge antenna. The Skyports also have an antenna, but it’s collapsible and only five centimeters long. True, they have a shorter distance: 120 meters on the street, not 500.


Elinchrome EL-SkyportRadio Synchronizers Review
The receiver is a black plastic box that weighs unexpectedly much for its small size. This gives a justified impression of solidity and monolithicity. On the front there is an operating and charging indicator, a power button and a channel switch. The on/off button is very confusing: then you press it and cannot turn it on, then it turns on the first time.
There is a connector for the charger on the top end. The receiver has a built-in lithium-ion battery. One charge was enough for me for about a month and a half of work. At the moment keeps the second. Charging takes unreasonably long: about 4 hours.
On the left end is the group selection slider. I will tell you about it later. On the right edge is the antenna, which should be parallel to the transmitter antenna for better reception.
Each receiver comes with a handy strap, a bunch of adapters for different connectors, and a huge pouch that fits three receivers and a transmitter. Among the adapters no wires for PC connectors : the studio orientation of the device is noticeable here.


Elinchrome EL-SkyportRadio Synchronizers Review
The transmitter is about half the size of the receiver. The front panel has buttons for changing pilot light brightness, receiver checks, and a channel switch. On the right edge are the power and group selection switches. On the right side, as on the receiver, is the antenna. The transmitter is powered by a large pill battery. Haven’t changed it yet.
The group selection proved to be very convenient. You can, for example, set the key light source to the first group and the background light to the fourth and check them independently as you shoot. Or you can set the switch to All and activate all the groups at the same time.
If I have almost no problems with the receivers, the transmitter is much worse. First and most importantly: there is no fixation in the camera shoe.
Elinchrome EL-SkyportRadio Synchronizers Review
This led to me throwing the camera over my shoulder one day and hitting it with my elbow, it safely fell from a 10 meter height and shattered into pieces. (I was sitting on a ceiling beam in the gym taking pictures of climbers). After that it was safely glued with duct tape, and then glued with glue. At the same time I drilled the missing holes to attach the strap: now it is securely attached to the camera and will not fly away.
Second, it is very easy to hit the power switch when putting the transmitter in the bag and leaving it on. At some point you may suddenly find that the battery is dead. (You’ll have to put a spare in your bag).

Overall impression

Despite the aforementioned drawbacks, my overall impression of the system is positive. Not once have I noticed any false triggers or no triggers (not having time to charge the flash or not turning on the receiver does not count). They are small in size, and if you don’t carry them in their original case, they fit easily into any photo bag.

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