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Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media: What Business People Need to Know

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This post of mine is a continuation of previous the part about the avalanche-like tendency of the social web towards business (Enterprise 2.0).
I highly recommend reading these two notes by Dion Hinchcliffe: A checkpoint on Web 2.0 in the enterprise ( Part1 , Part2 )

For nearly a year now, we’ve seen more and more reports and reports coming from analyst firms and other sources indicating that the Web 2.0 concept is penetrating business life. Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey and many others are increasingly emphasizing trends or making recommendations, sometimes cautious and sometimes optimistic, that entrepreneurs should start moving down the road paved by Web 2.0.And public interest in business circles in this area is also increasingly making itself felt…
A recent study conducted by the firm CIO Insight and concerning the personal use of Web 2.0 resources directly by top and middle managers, showed an increased interest of the latter in this area. And they are especially attracted by wikis, blogs and RSS. And quite unexpected was the result which shows that approximately 39% of CIOs personally listen to podcasts…

Application of Social Enterprise 2.0 is appropriate to consider in two planes: (1) internal application for employees of a particular company or organization, and (2) external application for potential customers, partners, suppliers and other third parties interested in any kind of contacts with the company (organization).
Each of the named planes can be described from two sides: (a) "technical" – methods and tools from the point of view of Web 2.0 specialists, and (b) social" – functions and services from the point of view of users.
As always, you can read more about the notes excerpted above, their author, and some other aspects of the issues raised in these notes in my iTech Bridge blog

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