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Epson RunsenseGPS watch review

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In this post we will talk about a completely new product for Epson – GPS watch Epson Runsense The GPS watch comes in two models : SF-510F and SF-710S.
Epson RunsenseGPS watch review
Of course, the market for sports wearable devices, including watches and bracelets, is already quite saturated. Let’s take a look at how Epson Runsense differs from the competition and why we think our wearable devices are superior in many ways to those of the competition.
The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning "sports gadgets" are various activity trackers. For example, fitness bracelets. Probably every tenth Russian already has at least one of these bracelets. These are the simplest products in this segment. Their main function is to record the number of steps taken by the user during the day. Some trackers are also able to monitor the duration and quality of sleep and count calories consumed and spent, based on activity and nutrition data that the user enters manually through the application.
The second, more functional category of wearable sports devices is the smart sports watch. They usually have a wider range of functionality and measure many indicators specific to different sports. For example, for running, this would be the number of steps, rhythm, speed, number of laps, length of run, distance covered, etc. Watches with built-in GPS sensors also record the route of the run. This is exactly the category of devices that the Epson Runsense belongs to.

High-precision GPS sensor and smart accelerometer

"The heart of the Epson Runsense is a high-precision GPS sensor that is designed and manufactured at Epson. The company has been developing GPS components for smartphones and other industrial devices for many years, so it was decided to create its own off-the-shelf devices based on them. We’ll talk about what the Epson GPS sensor is, and why it’s so accurate, in a future post.
Epson RunsenseGPS watch review
Paired with the GPS sensor is the "smart accelerometer." The two modules always work in tandem to increase the accuracy of route tracking. As you run, the GPS sensor records your route and the distance you’ve run, as well as tells you how much time remains before you reach your goal (if you set it in advance). But if you lose the GPS signal for any reason (say, you run into a tunnel or are training in a dense forest), the built-in accelerometer gets in on the track-building process. Throughout your run, it carefully monitors how you run: how often you move your legs, how far you walk, and how many steps you take in a certain amount of time. It not only records this data, but also analyzes it, creating a model of your personal running style. When the GPS is turned off, the accelerometer uses this model to continue counting speed and distance. That way you get a complete picture of your workout, even if the GPS signal has been missing for a while.

"Long life" battery

Another important advantage of Epson Runsense is the ability to work for a long time without recharging – up to 30 hours with the GPS sensor turned on! With GPS turned off, the device will last up to 20 days. This is possible mainly due to the use of a low-power GPS sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) connectivity. Bluetooth is also used to connect with a smartphone and a heart rate monitor (about which – a little bit below). Epson engineers have done their best to make sure you don’t have to worry about charging your device while exercising, even in cold weather.
Epson RunsenseGPS watch review

User-friendly interface and control

Much attention was paid to the design of the case and display, controls. The screen size of both models is the same (28, 2 mm), but the resolution is different: 128×96 points in the younger model, and 128×128 – in the older one.
The basic operations of the watch can be done with four external buttons (one of which turns on the backlight). Both models also have a handy Tap function that allows you to switch screens and turn on the backlighting by tapping on the frame. You can set up to four screens in total with three indicators on each and quickly switch between them right on the go, keeping track of your data.

Chest heart rate monitor

To measure your heart rate during exercise, you can purchase an optional branded chest heart rate monitor that connects to your watch via Bluetooth. The heart rate monitor allows you to monitor your well-being and determine the heart rate zone you are in (e.g., so-called "fat-burning zones").

Smartphone app and personal account

Smartphone app for setting up Epson Runsense, setting goals and analyzing workout results Epson Run Connect And the Epson Runsense Viewportal.
Epson RunsenseGPS watch review
The app has two main functions: uploading data to the web portal and changing workout settings and then transferring them to your watch. In addition, it will speed up GPS satellite search with AGPS, a technology that accelerates "cold start" of the GPS receiver.
Web portal Epson Runsense View provides online data storage and workout analysis tools. The portal allows you to view complete statistics and data over a period of time, track results, use a comparison tool to examine your workouts in detail, and set long-term goals.

Other useful functions

In addition to the above, the Epson Runsense GPS watch has the following useful features :

  • Modes : running, walking, biking/jogging
  • Automatic lap cutoff
  • Sound or vibration alarms (in the Epson Runsense SF-710S model)
  • Water resistant 5 atm
  • 400 laps training memory

My pleasure!

All in all, here is such a useful and functional gadget. We hope that it will be appreciated by fans of sports and healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions about our GPS watch – ask them directly in the comments, we will gladly answer them!

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