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Evgeny Butman agreed to another hubrainterview

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A few days ago, Apple IMC (ECS Group), Apple’s first distributor in Russia, changed the CEO The company is now run by a professional manager Philip Gens with a degree from Birmingham University, and the former director Evgeny Butman has left his job.
The legendary Evgeny Butman, who has been at the helm of Apple IMC since the company was founded in 1995 and has been promoting Apple technology in Russia since 1990, has decided to change the field of activity.
In the past hubrainterviews (November 2009), Evgeny Butman couldn’t be too candid because he was contractually bound to Apple. The non-disclosure agreement is still in effect, but for sure after he left his job, Evgeny feels freer. If the hackers have something to ask the former head of apples in Russia, then put pluses to this topic and ask questions in the comments. We’ll send the best comments to Eugene, or he’ll write a big article himself, like last time.
From the press release on the CEO change:

Evgeny Butman : "Nowadays ECS Group is a dynamically developing holding with strong market positions and ambitious plans. All the companies which make up the ECS Group are now on the rise. The group’s turnover growth in 2010 was 41%. I have been the head of the ECS Group since 1995 and I have implemented my plans. Now I want to change the field of activity. The holding’s companies are run by independent and highly professional managers. I’m sure they will continue to develop the ECS Group business successfully in the future.
The shareholders and new management of ECS Group will continue to develop both retail and distribution activities of the group. No changes in the holding structure are planned.
Philip Gens: "We plan to invest serious financial and management resources in the ECS Group. There are clear prospects for further development. In 2011 we plan the growth of the holding’s turnover by 1.5 times. We highly appreciate the team of companies which make up the group and we are grateful to Evgeny Butman for what he has done for the development of the ECS Group business".
About ECS Group
The ECS Group includes the re:Store Retail Group which includes re:Store chain of Premium Reseller format (50 points in Russia, 24 – in Europe), monobrand stores Sony Centre (8), Nokia (12), Lego (28). The ECS Group also includes the distribution company diHouse, the iProLab training center, and the RISMA marketing agency for retail sales management.

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