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Expand Your Wi-Fi!

by admin

Dear Habroludes,
There is an idea in the air to create a project or a community, whose members give each other access to their unlimited Internet via Wi-Fi.
Shall we discuss?
I would like to try to implement this in Zelenograd. We have Acadian or Streamer unlimited everywhere. Corbina is starting to appear. All the same conditions as in Moscow, but the city itself is very small, so the opportunity to provide good, dense coverage is high enough.
What can be done :
Naturally a site for registering participants in the project
When registering he indicates his address to the exact house, registers 3 mac addresses (general information); mail, im, phone (for administration)

– coverage map
– user rating by individual coverage area (as motivation for installing quality antennas on a router)
There are many pitfalls immediately felt, but it’s hard enough to cover them all alone.
What I see :
– The person is giving access to his local network – you need to check that he does not have any writable shared resources
– password is the same for all members, he can easily get out of the community. Is it possible to get rid of parasites?
I settled on this solution: change the password once a month.
The person gets a new password only if he is registered on the site. If he is registered, he is listed on the card and gives out wifi. If he cannot connect to his access point he will be warned, warned again and then the account is blocked and he does not get a new password.

– Somehow we need to limit the bandwidth provided to "guests", otherwise an unscrupulous listener can poison the host’s life.
Of course you can always try to build a community on the principles of trust and mutual respect, but I would like to find some technical solutions to make participation as comfortable as possible.
Solutions worked out during the discussion of the topic are in italics.
Thought I’d remind you of my first article on Habra :
If you upgrade devices in this way in addition to router antennas, the idea may seem even more appealing.

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