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Experience of repairing a communicator at Euroset Pro-Service

by admin

This sad story is about how the communicator was repaired at Pro-Service (a subsidiary of Euroset).
By and large, rumors that this service center performs repairs long and not very high quality have long roamed the web; but the author of this article was able to verify this in practice.
The story began rather trivially – with the purchase of the HTC Touch Pro communicator on the Internet. Before this device I had bought a lot of things on forums and in good old Fido, so I had a lot of experience to check before buying. But the Touch had a strange "glitch", which at the time of purchase turned out to be impossible to detect: after a more or less long conversation at the bottom of the display unit appeared a bar, which was visible only on a dark background and displayed the contents of other applications; most often it looked like a faded inscription "Keyboard"-"Messages".
Also, despite the complete set and PCT certification, the communicator had an unsigned warranty card without a receipt, which at first seemed to me normal (very often when buying in a store there was no sale date in the warranty card, which allowed to "extend" the warranty). The only available information is that the device was purchased from an online store in Moscow, the production date (from which the warranty period in the absence of a warranty card is calculated) – August 8, 2008.
The defect and its cause were safely discovered in a couple of weeks, after which the newly purchased and very necessary for work (to administer the server) device was handed over to the service center "Pro-Service", which is located five minutes away from home (and there was no time to go to another one). Yes, Pro-Service is an authorized HTC service center. That’s when the fun time with Euroset started – 12/19/2008.
On the outside the Pro-Service services look very decent – a possibility to check the repair status of the device via Internet (which is not really there because the status is not updated) and a possibility to call a girl with a nice voice which will announce the status (the status has always been announced with different variations – "in repair", "waiting for repair parts", "not ready yet").
In early January, after another call to the switchboard girl, it turned out that I could pick up the repaired phone. Upon arrival I found out that the repair was a "software change" or, to put it simply, reflashing, which of course I had done several times before handing the unit over to the service center. The engineer did not even read the essence of the fault, which, as I described above, appears after a certain amount of time after the call. Checking the counter of time, of course, found that the engineer did not call the phone at all, that is, could not see the defect, and the unit was in c / c three weeks for "updating the software", which is also not updated, because the unit had a couple of files that I have not deleted from it. That is, nothing was done with the phone at all.
I wrote a complaint, I was contacted by a representative of the claims department of Euroset and was told that to repair the machine requires a certain spare part (what kind – is not specified), which can be ordered, but it will take time, about two weeks. Since at that time (15.01.09) unit was in the service almost a month, I agree – anyway bought a simple Fujitsu-Siemens T830 for not much money, and to take the communicator from the service after a month of being in it simply unwise.
February came, followed by March. The status of the unit was "waiting for parts", an offer to give me a paper saying that the unit was beyond repair (which I did not need anyway, and primarily because after three months of repair I wanted to take back the repaired unit).
In March the unit was still "waiting for parts", so I finally decided to take it away from the service center "Pro-Service" and repair it in another, for which I called the claims department and asked to return the unit to me (March 18, 2009). As of today (24.03) the courier is still taking it to the collection point.
This is my experience with Euroset/Pro-Service. There is elementary illiteracy, failure to meet any reasonable repair deadlines, and all this against a background of absolutely non-functional bureaucracy. I sincerely sympathize with the people who buy appliances at Euroset.
P.S. I would like to know from knowledgeable hubraludey: 1) what part can be to blame for such an exotic "glitch"? 2) which service centers will be able to perform warranty / non-warranty repair of the unit in a reasonable time? 3) what would you do in a similar situation?

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