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Ferrolic: watch on ferromagnetic liquid

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As you know, ferromagnetic fluid (ferrofluid) reacts to a magnetic field. The developer of the table clock Ferrolic used this property to create a stunningly beautiful effect. The numbers on the dial of this watch change like little living creatures, the drops floating from place to place.
The colloidal system of a ferromagnetic liquid contains magnetized particles of nanometer dimensions (ferromagnetics). They react to an external magnetic field. The liquid is sandwiched between two panes of glass and is moved by magnets hidden behind the screen.
Ferrolic: watch on ferromagnetic liquid
Because of the natural dynamics, the drops move in unpredictable ways. This only enhances the visual effect. In principle, such a display can be used not only as a clock, but also to display other shapes and drawings. You can look at the "live" screen all day long.
The watch was developed by Dutch designer Zelf Koelma with the help of specialists from Eindhoven University of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University. The watch is not available on the open market, the designer has made a limited edition of 24 pieces, which he sells at exorbitant prices as works of art.
In general, you can do a lot of cool things with ferromagnetic fluid. For example, developers from Fluux Design Lab made the world’s first ferromagnetic suspension last year Fluux LiquiMetal. , which changes color. It is controlled by a neodymium magnetic wand.
P.S. The Ferrolic device is described in article sent by the developers to the International Symposium on Electronic Art. (Thanks, tyomitch )

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