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Firefox 2: safer,faster,better

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For the third year in a row, the fall marks the release of new version of the browser which was able to compete with the brainchild of Microsoft. In Firefox 2 you will not find any unique innovations. The developers decided to go by improving existing features and fixing old bugs. More than 2000 bugs were fixed during the development of FF2, some of them had been around for years.
Most new features FF2 are taken from popular extensions for previous versions. Let’s dwell on them in more detail.
The use of tabs has been significantly improved. Each tab has its own close button. And with a large number of open tabs, there are scroll buttons on the panel. Also you can see the list of all the open tabs.
FF2 has learned to save sessions and tabs on its own. Users can no longer worry about accidentally closing the necessary page. You can open a previously closed tab from a special menu. In addition, restarting the browser after installing the extension, the user will be prompted to restore the session, ie, restore all the tabs open before installing the extension. The same will happen if you close the browser incorrectly. By changing the configuration file, you can achieve the same behavior after each opening of FF2.
Reading RSS
The mechanism for subscribing to RSS feeds has also been improved. Along with the familiar Live Bookmarks, it is now possible to choose an alternative service for reading RSS. This can either be a program installed on your computer, or one of the three web services ( Bloglines , My Yahoo! , Google Reader ).
Built-in search
The new version of the browser allows you to select the built-in search engines yourself and arrange them in a convenient order. In addition, by typing the first letters of a query for Google or Yahoo! the user will see a list of suggestions built based on the popularity of the queries.
Spell check
You can now enable spell checking in every text field on a web page. FF2 localizations initially include the appropriate dictionary for that language, and users can download additional ones.
Naturally, the new version has a new look. The interface has retained the recognizable features, but has become more modern and harmonious. Trendy design elements such as gradients, transparency, etc. are widely used.
Separately worth noting the improved operation of Firefox 2 with memory. The so-called memory leaks are familiar to all users of previous versions. But it seems that the developers of the new version have successfully coped with this problem. During active use of beta-versions, the size of consumed memory did not exceed 80 MB.
Other improvements include built-in site authentication, JavaScript 1.7, Live Titles, and more.
To sum it up, we can say that the new version is a success! It surpasses version 1.5 in all parameters, and in comparison with 1.0 looks revolutionary. It should be noted that the developers of almost all popular extensions have prepared for the new version in advance and updated their products. Therefore, I, frankly, do not see any reason to continue using the previous version.
Download russian version
Download English version

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