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First impressions of Mandriva 2008

by admin

This is what I have now :
Linux localhost #1 SMP Thu Sep 27 04:17:10 CEST 2007 i686 AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-37 GNU/Linux
(laptop is that a laptop version of the kernel? oh yeah, I have a laptop 🙂
As promised, a short review of Mandriva 2008 Free (dvd-version). There will be no ideological rubbish here, only facts based on 5 hours of testing with a slight mockery of Windows users 🙂
A new handy menu. The changes here are to simplify the hierarchy. It used to be "Multimedia > Sound/Graphics/Video > Programs", now it’s "Audio Video > Programs", here. The "Learning" section has been pulled out into the light of day, much to my chagrin.
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
Network Center. Based on Ubuntu. It is not clear why it is made. PPP, modem or GPRS are not controlled from it. IMHO, if you call it a center, so there should be everything. And schedules network load, and management of all adapters and interfaces. So far – a nice shell with a claim to the "center".
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
The 2008 distribution has added many new and interesting educational programs for schoolchildren, students, and those who are just curious. I hope that thanks to this very strong side of Mandriva, it will become a worthy academic distribution in Russia. So as not to be unsubstantiated about "educational". Here is a guide to the chemical elements.
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
Here’s a desktop planetarium Celestia (although there are not only planets, but practically the whole explored part of the universe!) Sorry for the quality of the picture, not everything is displayed evenly, my graphics are weak.
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
Here’s even a Latin curriculum for you.
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
For math lovers, an interactive graph-builder with all sorts of derivatives, integrals, and first forms.
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
In fact, this is the tip of the iceberg, there are more programs to build and emulate electrical circuits, DNA research, cellular automata, and star charts (I recommend installing Stellarium along with Celestia). Also in the distribution appeared a lot of programs to work with GPS-devices. Although I have successfully run GIS Russa under Wine.
Changes to the Control Center. The menu items lost some of their russification, but became more streamlined. There is a very useful and necessary, I would even say, a necessary utility for the migration of "documents and settings" from Windows. It transfers links, documents, desktop wallpapers… Ideally, it should help poor Windows users to migrate their humble belongings to Linux 🙂
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
This control center utility really threw me for a loop. Is it possible to release something like this? Look at the "Last access time" column. There’s a "Send Statistics" button at the bottom. Clicked it. Something went somewhere. Redo it, you two-timers!
First impressions of Mandriva 2008
There are some small improvements to the installer too. For example, the user is asked "head-on" whether to use KDE or Gnome, or to customize it himself. I chose the latter, followed by the standard package selection procedure.
To summarize. Overall, the system was more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is felt that a lot of hard work with a file. Small improvements in terms of look’n’feel (icons, cursors, little pictures, etc.) – although this is more important than it may seem at first glance, the overall impression of accuracy and completeness, pampered by all sorts of pleasures eyes of Windows users got used to this 🙂 By the way, the first thing that caught my eye after the installation was that fonts are neater and more readable, Linux always had problems with that. Although, all of these improvements can be attributed to KDE 3.5.7. I will not say anything about CompizFusion, firstly, it’s not working for me, and secondly, to argue about the taste of oysters… On performance, like a faster applications run, though, perhaps, this is because the system is fresh. I was pleased to finally switch to the 2.6.22 branch of the kernel. I used Mandriva from version 9 before, so I have something to compare it with and catch the trends. That’s not so important, the main thing is that the system is ready to work on my laptop after… 0 minutes after installing (I saved the home partition from the previous 2007.1 version). No updates, no drivers, no idiotic "Security Center" tooltips, no trojan-crack programs, no frantic installation of all-all-important programs like Photoshop or Total Commander… And someone else dares to claim that linux has more sex with the system.
I won’t tell you about updates of amaroK, Krusader, K3b, Picasa, Skype, Wine… it’s all like clockwork, as it should be.
All in all, a good system, take it!
P.S. – The style of the text is a bit simple, it was written for their own, for the JW…

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