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Five things all clients want to know

by admin

I meet with potential customers on a regular basis. The first meeting usually determines whether or not you get the order. So what can you do to convince a client that you can handle it?
I’ve found over the years that clients want complete confidence. They want to know if you can be trusted to solve their problem. The list of questions they are likely to ask is this :

1. Can you release what we need, on time and on budget?

Can you show a simple, logical process for creating a website to a client? Can you explain how to avoid or solve problems?

2. Will the site work?

How do you assure the client that the site will work exactly as they expect? Can you do this without resorting to complicated technical explanations.

3. Will the site look good?

Do you have a portfolio or list of work to showcase? Can you talk about how you will work with the client to get a design that they and their users will like?

4. Will the site be easy to maintain?

How often will the site have to be maintained and who will do it? If the client is going to maintain the site themselves, is there a training and "acclimatization" period planned for them? If you are going to maintain the site, do you have a maintenance workflow and contract or a transparent fee schedule?

5. Who will take care of the site in the long run?

Where will you be in a year or two or three? Who can you suggest to replace you if something happens to you?
If you can answer these questions calmly and confidently, you’ll have an easier time convincing your client!

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