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FIXber- software testing services marketplace

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Hello, Habraderians!
In my line of work I often have to select testers for testing various projects (web, desktop, mobile, etc.).
At the same time testers not always justify their declared skills and their professionalism.
As a result of all this painstaking activity, the idea (and subsequently the FIXber ) about creation of full-fledged market of software testing services, where every tester can get a job due to his skills, and the customer – the result of full-fledged testing of his project no matter at what stage it is.
Why hire "one" tester when you can get a hundred and only pay for interesting bugs.
FIXber- software testing services marketplace
A few facts about customers :

  1. The customer no longer painstakingly selects testers for their projects – testers will find the customer’s projects themselves,
  2. buys only interesting bugs,
  3. sees only a brief description of the bug before buying it,
  4. wants to restrict access to the project – no problem, approves each tester personally,
  5. If the project is specific, then invites only certain testers to work.
  6. Some facts about testers :

  1. Each tester selects a project (or several projects) for himself based on his knowledge and skills,
  2. sells the bug – earns and raises the rating,
  3. the higher the criticality of the bug, the higher its value,
  4. raises the rating – gets more features.
  5. P.S. I’ve just sketched out a bit of information for you now – more to come a bit later.
    After laying the system for testing, all who will be interested, we will give full access, so you can "feel" everything.

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