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FSB shut down Leonid Kaganov’s website for anti-Semitism

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FSB shut down Leonid Kaganov's website for anti-Semitism
Photo : Alexei Yushenkov, Wikimedia Commons
Federal Security Service shut down Leonid Kaganov’s website for quoting an anti-Semitic poem in a publication two years ago.
For 15 years, Kaganoff had a website lleo.aha.ru It opened in 1996 and was therefore considered one of the oldest.
In 2009, Leonid Kaganov cited by in his diary an anti-Semitic poem by a certain "citizen G. M. Chipizubov, " which the Angarsk city court recognized as "extremist." In that entry, Kagan wondered about the existence of a federal list of forbidden literature and asked some legal questions.
In the spring of this year, the FSB became interested in the recording and contacted the ISP, who gave Kaganov a verbal warning. Kaganov "removed the extremist material from that page, replacing it with a similar parody of his own composition."
Two more months passed and the FSB sent an order to the ISP to remove the page. And already this Saturday, Kagan discovered that he no longer had the site. Publication of extremist materials from the federal list by law does not require a court decision, and under such an order from the FSB, any Russian provider is obliged to close the site.
As Kaganov himself notes, the irony is that he was "deprived of his home site for quoting a poem that promoted ethnic hatred against himself. But he was given the opportunity to copy the data and the site is now hosted in Germany at lleo.me
As for one of his best-known web projects, the "official symbolic direction website, " located at lleo.aha.ru/na/ , then Kaganov gave it to Yevgeny Nenaglyadov, and his new address is natribu.org

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