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FSO to spend 1.44 billion rubles on isolated Internet for Russian officials

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The Federal Guard Service (FSO) will receive from the budget 1.44 billion rubles. for the development, maintenance and operation of the Russian state segment of the Internet, writes CNews.The isolated network for Russian officials is called Rsnet and was created in the late 90s to "provide secure access to the Internet for federal authorities, " and later regional authorities were also connected to the system. Now the FSO must work to develop the network.
Financing of the project is planned for the next three years. This year 550 million rubles will be allocated for the network construction, in 2020 and 2021 – 440 million rubles each. The money is allocated within the federal project "Information infrastructure" of the national program "Digital economy".
Where are the FSO together with the Ministry of Communications going to spend such a budget? By design, for several activities :

  1. Ensuring the interaction of information systems and information and telecommunication networks of federal government bodies and regional authorities through the Rsnet network.
  2. Access to the Internet via encrypted communication channels via Rsnet for all federal and regional authorities, the Presidential Administration, the Government, the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s Office, the judiciary, as well as organizations set up to perform the tasks assigned to these bodies.
  3. Development of the information and communication infrastructure of the situation centers of the highest state authorities, so that the situation centers of various authorities would work according to the same regulations (390 million rubles).
  4. Creation of protected digital environment of audiovisual interaction (i.e. videoconferencing system) of the state bodies, organizations and citizens at the federal, regional and municipal levels together with the Ministry of Communications, FSB and EMERCOM (220 million rubles). They are going to spend RUR 175 mln on the videoconferencing system itself and another RUR 45 mln. – On organization of its interaction with video communication systems of the state bodies and organizations.

FSO to spend 1.44 billion rubles on isolated Internet for Russian officials

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