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Functionality of the “Holivar”.

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On more or less authoritative resources, especially those devoted to IT topics, the so-called "holivars" are usually disapproved by resource inhabitants. It is believed that such discussions are meaningless, because "there is no match for taste and color". But how pleasant is it to discuss the merits of your favorite Google, simultaneously presenting Yandex in an unflattering light? Apple vs. PC, Opera vs. Firefox, Linux vs. Windows – supporters of each product are ready to boastfully prove the advantages of theirs and gladly point out the disadvantages of "someone else’s".
Well, it’s a sin to deny your users the satisfaction of their desires, isn’t it?
We build the functionality according to the following scheme :
A user who wants to get into a heated discussion leaves a request in the functionality dialog. As soon as he receives a counter request from his opponent, the holywar begins! One of the opponents says their opinion, the other replies, after which, for a certain period of time (12 hours, for example), the remaining users vote for the posts, objectively and impartially, assessing the quality of arguments and correctness of presentation. After the deadline, the votes are counted, and the winner of the round is announced. Then, everything repeats from the beginning. At the end of a dispute, limited to a certain number of rounds, we count the number of rounds won by both sides and award a victory, respectively, which is reflected in the user’s profile. Well, sort of like a medal. After that, you can open commenting by other users of the process hoolivar.
Like this.
Both positive and negative but valid comments would be welcome.

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