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FZ-229 – hands off the main mobile account

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The law

The State Duma has been stamping out laws restricting everything it can get its hands on for quite some time now.
But there is one law that all mobile provider subscribers will unequivocally approve of.
FZ-229 - hands off the main mobile account
As of tomorrow, May 1, 2014, Federal Law No.229-FZ " On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Communications ".

What is it about?

His text, as usual, is a little blurry and not entirely clear, but I’ll try to explain how this will affect actual subscribers.
As of May 1, you, the hubscribers, as subscribers to the mobile operator, have the right to create a separate personal account from which charges will be made if you make a call to a content service number. The call should be understood as a call, as well as SMS, going to a paid page in the network, mobile subscription, etc. In general, any action related to content providers.
You can create a Personal Line for content services by contacting your service provider’s office and possibly through the subscriber’s WEB-portal.
If you make a call to the content service when there is a separate PS for the service, the funds will be deducted from it. If there is not enough money on it, in theory, the service should not be provided.
If there is no separate PC – funds will be written off from the main account.
Also, it is still unclear how the procedure of crediting funds to a separate account will be carried out. Most likely at the time of start it will be possible to transfer funds from the main account via USSD. Probably, later there will be an additional option in terminals.


Starting May 1, it’s definitely worth coming to your mobile operator’s office and creating a separate account for content services.
The law is unambiguously positive for the subscriber. The only visible disadvantage is that the revenue of operators from the sale (or intermediation in the sale) of content services will fall, and this may affect the cost of noncontent current services.
P.s. MTS has an excellent Advice of Charge (AoC) service, there is information about it at wiki
Someone will probably find this service more convenient than creating a separate PM.

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