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game-torrent.info has been hacked. New Information

by admin

Large free game-torrent.info (=free-torrents.org) tracker was hacked. Apparently it was done by Fatality_17. And it seems, did everything right.
New (!!!) info on topic : http://forum.games.akado.ru/index.php?showtopic=2795
citation at the link :
One of the largest bittorrent trackers game-torrent.info(or free-torrents.org) was hacked on the afternoon of Thursday, February 19.
But the most interesting thing is that it was not hacked by some evil hacker or user, but by the ADMIN!
It was about an hour access to admin and moderator section, where anyone could learn many interesting things. Also were removed some torrents.
*If you have any information or screenshots, post them below or in PM, we’ll be glad to hear it!
It all started with the fact that some uncultured user (let’s not name names) bought an admin for a 5-digit amount of rubles, and began to flaunt that he is there chief.
This is all completely disliked by one of the admins, the old-timers.As a result, he was kicked out of there / he left.
+has been banned as one of the active old-timers with a huge rating for discussing administration.
Revenge did not take long.
It would seem that we, ordinary users, care about their troubles.
And the thing is, there was a warning/allegation posted on the same forum that :
money begged from all users ostensibly to upgrade the server actually goes straight into the pocket of the admins and is poured into the casino

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