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GeekFest 2010 —how it was

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It’s a shame to be far away from the epicenter of important events: seminars, conferences, workshops.It’s a double shame to be a developer and live in a province and watch only marketing events taking place around.It is a shame to work and make interesting software solutions and have no opportunity to share your experience.
GeekFest 2010 —how it was
A small meeting of hubro users living in Irkutsk prompted the organization of an event that helped programmers, not managers, socialize. Now, when quite a lot of time has passed since the conference was held, it’s time to summarize.

Preparatory work

The previously mentioned meeting was held at the not unfamiliar for Irkutsk residents of Khabrovka restaurant Rio Grande The programmers and their sympathizers in attendance complained about the need to meet more often, and it was there that I got the idea for a seminar of sorts.
The moon was in the right phase, just at that time I managed to arrange a visit to Irkutsk of my great friend Philip Torchinsky, who works at Sun Microsystems (already Oracle). A year and a half and hooray, the evangelist of one of the biggest IT companies in the world comes to give some lectures at the university ( IrSTU ), where I have the honor of lecturing as a hobby.
One thing came together with another and finally formed the goal of IT-events. It was only a matter of time: to agree with the management of the institute to give us a hall and presentation equipment. Before the bodies of big bosses I was not allowed, landed at the level of Deputy Vice Rector of Information Technology. There was a very strange conversation in the style of "tresh-mnesh". In the end, for almost two weeks I got neither positive nor negative answer.
Finally I got angry with the bureaucracy and decided to spit on the IrGTU and look for a hall for the event in other places. It should be noted that my main place of work is an academic institute – ISEM SB RAS. I am walking down the corridor, and the "commercial director" meets me:
– Sergei Mikhailovich, there is an idea to hold an event in the assembly hall, everything will be cultural and even very informative.
– If neat, of course you can) just book the day at the secretariat.
– Thanks.
As a result of a five-minute conversation, our event had a room and everything became more than realistic. It was just a matter of solving two small problems:

  • participants;
  • speakers.

GeekFest 2010 —how it was
The two problems, as it turns out, are highly related. But with some pool of acquaintances who wanted to perform, a phone book, and time that was tending towards zero, the problem titled : "What would I myself enjoy listening to?" was solved fairly quickly.
Solving the problem of filling the hall with adequate and interested listeners, I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to make posters for the event and distribute them around the city. I used the services of a very good person to solve this problem. dvan who is the author of one of the most popular comics in narrow circles " Hello ASU ". D.Van made a personal poster for our event, which by then had acquired :

Since there weren’t enough hands to do everything, I had to use the kindly offered help of my former student – svartalf SvartalF took the trouble to collate a web program to be shown to potential conference attendees as a basic enticement.
On the third of March our posters were ready and we gave them out to distributors: to universities, student hostels and even posted them around the city. Unfortunately, the posters in the city was almost completely destroyed in a few hours, apparently in the city there are huge crowds of IT beggars who tear down such posters with a maniacal persistence.
GeekFest 2010 —how it was
But the little mishaps didn’t scare us and we looked forward to the hour of X.


Right before the conference started, special badges were made for a tight circle of friends, the organizing committee, and the speakers. Our badges were double-bottomed and sometimes triple-bottomed. They were written in a playful way and we did not make them for all conference participants so as not to traumatize the psyche. For example, for the above mentioned Philip the badge said: "I drink beer at the employer’s expense" and for all the girls at the registration: "Specially trained girl" although one badge said: "Girl with outstanding ability".
GeekFest 2010 —how it was
I think there is no point in telling you about how the speeches were held, it is better to see it with your own eyes. On March 11 an unknown cameraman filmed all the speeches of our conference for us, unfortunately memory stubbornly refuses to tell us the name of the hero (after the prompts memory came to life samasam ). The performances have been processed and you can read almost all of them :

  1. Alexander Batsuev "The process of creating a project. AnyChart.Com."
  2. Eugene Potapov "Website traffic growth : problems and solutions".
  3. Philip Torchinsky, "Virtualization in Solaris: Zones, xVM, VirtualBox."
  4. Alexander Petrovsky "The Virtualization Mechanism in FreeBSD. FreeBSD Jails."
  5. Philip Torchinsky, "The Concept and New Technologies of ZFS."
  6. Anton Chernousov "Sex + Drugs + Rock Roll".
  7. Sergey Kiselev "Layering the system into levels or when unit tests work".
  8. Evgeny Chuikov, Nikita Kuznetsov "Django – a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines".
  9. Alex Losing "Asynchronous servers in Python. A review of approaches and solutions."
  10. Kirill Afanasiev, "An overview of modern technologies for creating RIA applications."
  11. Philip Torchinsky, "How Solaris, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, and Linux are similar and different."

My presentation was right before the coffee break. Obviously realizing that the audience would be very tired by this time, I had to give a not very technical talk. Its purpose was to cheer up and somewhat revive the audience, I think you can judge it yourself:
Among other things, the organizing committee responded to the call of the Alexander Sidorov – Kommersant newspaper photographer (in Irkutsk). Using a serious photo gun, Alexander found more seven hundred photos
In addition, we had many volunteers and you can see their photos. For example, Andrey Marinchenko enthusiastically photographed the participants conference. A these photos were taken by Daria Tabitueva, they mostly reflect the speakers. Our great friend Taras Majara also had a hand in to the camera.


In fact, our event in my opinion was a success, so successful that we decided to regularly hold small seminars and workshops, as well as to do a big, on a scale of our city, conferences called GeekFest.
P.S. You may reasonably ask: "And the banquet?" And I’ll tell you that it ended where it began, at the Rio Grande restaurant.

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