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Gmail Chat and AIM are now compatible

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Gmail Chat and AIM are now compatible
AOL and Google have entered into a partnership agreement, the subject of which is the compatibility of the products of both companies, such as AIM, Gmail, Google Voice. This probably isn’t particularly big news for domestic users, but maybe for someone Google Chat and AIM compatibility is a welcome achievement. Since 2007, Gmail users could access their AIM account, via Google Talk, but still you couldn’t send messages to Google Talk from AIM, there was also backward incompatibility. Now the two companies have worked to make their products fully compatible.
AIM users can now send messages to their contacts in their Google account, and vice versa. So now it doesn’t matter which client the user uses, it’s all compatible with each other. Right after this new feature was introduced, Google
disabled the ability to sign in via AIM. A new problem has arisen – few people want to see the extra dozens (or possibly hundreds) of contacts in their Gmail contact list, but AOL will soon be releasing a tool to help solve the problem.
By the way, combining the huge user base of both products may take some time, so some users may still have problems during this "merge".
Also – a few days ago, AOL announced the launch of a new video conferencing service : AV by AIM To work with the service you do not need to register and install software, this service is a browser-based, it is based on Flash. In addition, AV by AIM can also interact with Google.
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