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“Google. A breakthrough in the zeitgeist” – a book by Eksmo Publishers

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On Friday evening, walking along Tverskaya Street, I stopped by the Moskva store. Here in the section where they sell books under the titles "Business as Zen, Business as the Way. Lessons of the Japanese Samurai" and "Business the Jewish way: 67 golden rules" (this is not a joke, they really sell it there) and other junk in the "How to make a million, doing speculation" class, I found a book by David Wise called "Google. A breakthrough in the zeitgeist" by Eksmo Publishers. Actually about this book and we will talk.
"Google. A breakthrough in the zeitgeist" - a book by Eksmo Publishers
Why did the book end up in this particular section? It is not very clear. Especially since the author himself writes the following : "I want to warn : there is a large group of people who should not read this book in any case. They are students and teachers of business schools. Why, you may ask? Because practically every chapter contains examples of the subversion of all the theories taught in these schools.
And that’s right. The book is not about how to make money, but rather about how to make your dreams come true. That said, the author makes a distinction between the two all the time.
I haven’t finished the book yet, but I can already tell you something about it.
The first thing to do is to get ready to endure a lot of paragraphs of praise, and sometimes even pages of praise for Sergei Brin and Larry Page. After that, the onslaught of praise for Google itself will begin. If you’re not disgusted by this stream of sweet treacle, you’ll get to the bottom of it in a couple of chapters.
Before us is the story of the creation of the famous search engine. Literally from the birth of the main characters, to the implementation of the idea of Google into reality. The book is written in fairly lively language. Not surprising, given that David Wise is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a journalist for the Washington Post. The book features contributions from the editor of the same publication, Mark Malcid.
"Breakthrough in the Spirit of Time" is not just a dry recounting of the facts. Rather, it is an emotional account of Sergey and Larry’s fate as students at Stanford University, who created one of the most successful IT companies on the planet. The story is about their families, their professors and their first investors, about people who helped to create Google not with money, but with their support and work. And, of course, Stanford University, without which nothing would ever have happened.
One could write a separate post about Stanford. The university supports every development and endeavor (including financially) without claiming the results. This academic institution has been the cradle of such major companies as SUN and Yahoo.
And what, you ask, is the book on the outside? What does it cost as much as 361 rubles? The book is in dust cover, has a hard cover, the volume is 353 pages, the paper is high quality, white (not newsprint, like in the cheap editions), no illustrations, only a few pages of photos at the end. Overall the layout is very simple, the font is quite easy to read, but the headings bring to mind the computer editions of the early 90’s of the last century.
So, if you skip a couple of lunches, you may well be able to save for this what I think is a very curious publication. At least I like it. It’s a very inspiring piece of writing.
Well, if the book is not to your liking, you can always buy "Business as a Jew. This edition costs only 79 rubles.

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