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Google acquired Dealmap, an aggregator of daily deals

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Google acquired Dealmap, an aggregator of daily deals
Despite the fact that many services now offer a service to track the best "daily deals, " i.e., daily promotional offers, this area is still popular. This is probably why Google acquired an aggregator of "daily deals" called Dealmap. The deal was confirmed Monday, and the terms of the deal, traditionally, were not disclosed.
In May 2010, the Dealmap service announced that it had reached a user count of 2 million. The aggregator shows its users "daily deals" from 450 different sources, ranked by geography. Any registered user who logs into their account sees deals in their region. So the Dealmap service can really be called convenient.
Google got interested in Dealmap, and as a result the service was bought. On the Dealmap blog there’s already the usual in such cases message that "we hope for growth and further development of the service".
It is worth recalling that last December, Google Corporation was going to buy Groupon for $6 billion. After the refusal of the management of this service, Google created its own service, Google Offers, which is a competitor of Groupon. The corporation’s "discount" service now operates in New York City, Portland, San Francisco and Oakland, California. Soon Google Offers should begin operating in Boston, Austin, Denver, Seattle and Washington, D.C.
Probably Dealmap will be a factor that will help the service "corporation of good" to start working in new regions, and get a couple of million new users. Too bad the purchase price is not disclosed, it would be interesting to know how much Google paid for Dealmap.
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