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I opened the mail this morning and found the following letter :
"Hello, Olga Sakharova,
We have learned that invalid clicks are being performed on ads posted on your site, In the future, we may adjust your payment amount to reflect the days when invalid clicks were noted in order to refund advertisers for such clicks.
Remember that any means of performing invalid clicks is strictly prohibited. Invalid clicks include, but are not limited to, any clicks created by robots, automated click creation tools, clicks made by the publisher on its own page, or by others at the publisher’s request.
If you click on ads on your own web pages to test them, please note that clicking on your own ads and clicks made by others at your request are prohibited regardless of the reason, as this increases the cost to advertisers. You do not need to test the ads placed on your site, because our experts check them for compliance with Google advertising standards.
If you want to visit the ad destination page to view its content or add it to your filter list, use the AdSense preview tool on
The AdSense Preview tool serves as a complement to the preview of ads on any page. It is available in the right click menu in Windows Internet Explorer 6.x, Advertisers do not pay for clicks and displays in the preview tool. You can click on any links on the site: such clicks are not considered invalid. The advertiser is not charged for test clicks.
If you have any questions, please reply to this email. We will
Happy to help you.
Regards, Google Team"

Google ads have been showing on my site for a year, during which time I’ve racked up a first check of $100. :)Clicks on the ads are not much and not often. I look at the statistics of clicks and seldom, just waiting when the same amount will be accumulated. And so the amount was collected and the payment came up, and then came a letter.
It feels like I was written in advance in the cheaters and I have to justify that for a year displays I have accumulated this "gigantic" amount of $ 100. If I had used robots to increase clickability, it would have been a different amount, and to bother with this for $ 100 a year is nonsense. The letter looks like no one is going to pay money for a year’s display ads either.
Have any of you ever gotten a letter like this before?

UPD: Some time later, in response to my letter, they received a reply with these words :
"Hello, Olga!
Thank you for your message.
We understand that you want some information about the invalid clicks we found in your account. However, please keep in mind that we cannot provide details about them. Thank you for your understanding…"

It’s getting disturbing. 🙂

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