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Google intends to create an ideal platform for robotic surgery

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Google intends to create an ideal platform for robotic surgery
Google is not new to the field of robotics or technologies for health care The technology giant owns Several robotics companies , including. Boston Dynamics , and an arsenal of robotic dogs and nimble two-legged robots.X Life Sciences, one of the company’s divisions, creates everything from contact lenses that measure blood sugar levels to special shake-resistant Spoons for Parkinson’s disease patients
Now the search giant is merging with Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson Johnson , to create the ultimate platform for robotic surgery.
Surgery involving robotics is not new, as it has been performed in one form or another since 1985. With today’s robotic surgery systems, the doctor looks into a console and sees a high-definition image from the robot’s camera. Applying manual control, the doctor works with the robotic surgeon’s hands.
Robotic surgery is well-suited for surgeries involving small incisions and a high level of precision that is difficult for even the most skilled surgeon to achieve. In the demo video below, a human-operated multi-armed machine draws a small picture quite deftly. Real-world applications include removal of cancerous tissue, hysterectomies, and bypass surgery. Incisions made by the machine leave less scarring and reduce bleeding.
Of course, in reality, robotic surgery faces certain obstacles. For example, dozens of lawsuits across the U.S. have been filed against the corporation Intuitive Surgical: It was alleged that their da Vinci surgical system. Has a higher rate of complications, including cases of serious injury and death.
Despite the fact that the Federal Health Care Oversight Service ruled in favor of Intuitive Surgical. , the company still faces allegations that its business practices allow inadequately trained doctors to operate the device and that the device itself has critical problems.
What is Google’s role in this process? We don’t know the details of the partnership with Johnson Johnson. , but some information is already available online.

Safe robotic surgery

Existing safe robotic surgical platforms, such as Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci, have high-definition 3D endoscopes. The video stream gives the surgeon a view of the bowels. Google’s goal is to use algorithms to analyze these images on the screen and be able to highlight blood vessels and display critical information on the screen.

In other words, " says Google spokesperson , the new system will help surgeons see better during surgery and have easier access to the information they rely on during their work.

Similar technologies drive Google’s photo-editing tools in the photo app, as well as an automated YouTube upload analysis that can recognize pirated content.
Representative Johnson Johnson says that the team’s ideas might, for example, suggest the best places to make incisions based on a particular patient’s medical history – a kind of Google Maps for surgery. Google says they won’t be involved in developing a system that actually controls surgical tools.
Johnson Johnson is already working with Intuitive Surgical on components for the da Vinci system. But the partnership with Google will focus on a very different hardware and software product. A spokesman said the company hopes the new system will be more cost-effective for hospitals in developing countries and that its interface will make it easier for surgeons to access information during surgery.
We have yet to see if the partnership between Google and JJ can make all its plans come to fruition. First of all, it needs to pass antitrust scrutiny, then there is a long phase of scientific research. In fact, the product will appear in a year or two.
Google specializes in creating intuitive and simple interfaces. Implementing them in robotics with surgical forceps and scalpels on the limbs to handle human innards offers exceptional benefits.

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