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Google launched YouTube ads in AdSense

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Google has begun showing YouTube videos with ads attached on thousands of sites participating in the AdSense program. In this way, the Internet company hopes to accelerate the return on investment in YouTube.
Google has announced the expansion of its AdSense advertising platform with a new content distribution channel. YouTube videos accompanied by ads will now be seen on thousands of sites on the Internet. The ads do not use a video format, but are displayed in the form of a banner and text line associated with the video. Previously, the company had already streamed YouTube videos with ads to a limited number of sites, but now this feature is included in its significant AdSense network. For now, the offer applies only to English-language sites based in the U.S., but eventually it will become available to everyone.
Now sites participating in AdSense have the ability to specify what type of video they want to show on their pages. Not all YouTube videos will be shown on AdSense along with their ads. Only the content that has been appropriately programmed will be used for this purpose. Its agreement to provide content has already expressed about 100 providers.
The purpose of this step on the part of Google is to make money on ad impressions and accelerate the process of return on investment in YouTube. The company will share the revenues generated by the new ad distribution channel with content providers and the site on which the ads are shown.

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