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Google launches Family Safety Center

by admin

Yes, another novelty from Google Corporation – the developers of the company are always trying to create new products, most of which become popular (of course, there are fiascoes like Google Wave, but not so often, you must agree). So there you go, Family Safety Center launched by the corporation the other day, is designed to inform people about a variety of dangers that can be waiting for you on the Web. It is truly a "family" product that is designed for all ages.
The Family Safety Center has all sorts of information about malware, PC access control and how it’s introduced, vulnerabilities in various software, and more. In general, it is a kind of security database that is designed for people who are not particularly trained.
"Family" product is named because, according to the developers, parents will be able to create reliable control systems for children working on the PC, particularly on the Web. In addition, the "Family Security Center" can provide information about "parental" filters that can protect the child from unwanted information, in large quantities available on the Web. The "Center" is especially full of information about how parents can keep their minor children safe from all these threats.
By the way, there is also less intimidating information about how you can optimally organize your child’s workspace. There is even information on setting up search engines – after all, it is no secret that a large number of users simply do not know how to properly use search services. As you know, Google has such features as SafeSearch in Google, SafeSearch Lock – the "Center" talks about how to configure such features.
Most likely, Google created its product as a competitive service for Microsoft Live Family Safety and Security Essentials. It may well be that some of the features mentioned in Family Safety Center will be available in Google’s OS, if it does appear.
But the main purpose of the Family Safety Center is still to provide all the information that parents and teachers of children need to protect their children. Let’s hope that this information is really useful. Unfortunately, there is no information in Russian so far, so only English-speaking users of the Internet can rejoice.

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