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Google may return to China by the end of 2015

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Google may return to China by the end of 2015
Now Google is negotiating with the Chinese government about the possibility of returning to the Chinese market. Negotiations are proceeding quite productively, so Google’s return to China could happen before the end of 2015, writes "RBC." Basically, we are talking about the launch in China adapted for the conditions of this country version of the Google Play app store.
Now the corporation is working on a special version of Google Play, where all applications and services are approved by the Chinese government. Previously, Google did not agree to the conditions put forward by the Chinese government – but now the corporation’s position on this issue has changed. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the management has changed. The fact is that Sergei Brin, co-founder of Google, criticized the actions of the Chinese government, and this confrontation led to the blocking of both the search service Google, and all other resources of the corporation.
China, on the other hand, urged the corporation to adhere to the restrictions imposed by the government. Thus, Google was required to stop circumventing government censorship by redirecting requests from Chinese users to Hong Kong servers, where search engine results were not practiced.
Interestingly, Alphabet’s website was also blocked in China in August of this year, and the blockage was imposed just hours after the site began operating.
The corporation is now run by Sundar Pichai, he may have decided to bring Google back to China.

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