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Google on the front page?

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According to the post Business Financial Markets Google intends to buy a controlling stake in Russia’s largest print media archive, " Integrum ".
Needless to say, in the era of digital technology development, when prices per megabyte have fallen limitlessly, in Russia there is still no competition in the very curious market of media archives. Widely this issue has puzzled companies : Factiva , Publick , Medialogy , and, in fact, Integrum. The lack of interest from business sharks is due to the fact that the media market in the former post-Soviet space is incredibly saturated (otherwise how do you explain the measly $10 million for total control of the printers of the entire country). It would seem that GDP is at the level of, almost, Bangladesh, but no, every druzhina hurries to publish its battle leaflet and immediately begin replicating it. At present there are about 60, 000 traditional print media outlets in the country. No more than 1, 800 are in demand, read regularly (half of that amount by subscription).
Each of the listed companies serves the available media archive under its own unique marketing sauce. Here we can distinguish companies with a more human face in relation to the consumer, with a more "technological" face, with algebraic-sharp features, there are also outright thieves and prudes, in general – everything as in life. There are smaller fish-players, who use the services of giants, transforming the data obtained into specific reports for specific customers. The sea of such players is immense! As for primary sources, as it should be in a country without copyright, the publisher in the vast majority of cases does not know that they are being traded for money, much more than the direct activity brings. This is more true of the press on the periphery. Content supply companies are a complete mystery, and I suppose this is understandable. The only company that comes to mind is ". R-story ".
Google promises to buy Integrum for $10 million! And it will have to pay twenty and thirty if necessary. There will simply appear a new column in the search results with transcripts (possibly pdf) of the texts of Orenburgskaya Nedeli, Samarskaya Vestnik, Ulyanovskaya Pravda, etc.
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