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Google opened a portal for 2,000 of its Open Source projects

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Google opened a portal for 2,000 of its Open Source projects
Free software is an integral part of Google’s business. In this company, projects are literally born and die with open source. Without Linux and open source there would be no Google as we know it. Not only does Google use open source software in its daily work, it constantly puts its own innovations into the public domain. For example, in the three months of this year, Google has opened Chrome for iOS , Upspin (a framework for a global unified namespace), E2EMail (experimental mail service with end-to-end encryption), perceptual Guetzli JPEG encoder These are just the biggest projects Google shared with the community in 2017.
In all, Google has already published the code for over 2, 000 projects since its inception. But how do you view them? Now, in addition to repositories on GitHub, all of Google’s open source projects are available at a single address Google Open Source This is the search company’s new free software portal.
In official announcement Will Norris, developer of Google’s Open Source Programs Office group, writes : "Free and open source software has been at our technical and organizational core since Google’s inception. From Linux servers, to Google’s internal corporate culture where anyone from another development team can release a patch for your code. Open source is part of everything we do. In exchange, we publish millions of lines of open source code, support programs like Google Summer of Code. and Google Code-in , sponsoring open source projects and communities through organizations like Software Freedom Conservancy , Apache Software Foundation and many others ".
And now, 18 years after its founding, Google has launched a portal opensource.google.com which brings together all of Google’s open source projects, with related information about the use, release, and support of free software.
Why is Google doing this? If the website is to be believed, the company believes that STRs are a universal good When software is open and available to all, it encourages collaboration and technology advancement and "solves real world problems."
That’s probably how it really is.
Note that the Google Portal is not a repository like GitHub, but rather an information and help portal, with links to the corresponding GitHub repositories. So it’s unlikely that Google will give up code on GitHub, the most user-friendly collaboration site, which has already become the de facto standard in its field.
Will Norris writes that the company doesn’t know which projects will become popular and gain general acceptance, so they encourage their employees to publish all the code they can Accordingly, you can find different projects here in terms of scale and level of support. There are also large well-known projects like TensorFlow , Go and Kubernetes , there are also small "amateur" projects that employees probably created in their spare time (20% of work time Google programmers can work on projects of their own choosing). For example, Light My Piano. , Neuroglancer and Periph.io Some of the projects are fully supported and developed by Google employees and the community, while others are experimental, made just for fun.
There’s more. Google’s new portal is not just a collection of open source projects made within the company. Here the company also shares its experience and corporate practices of open source software development. In documentation section published at A copy of all of Google’s internal documentation on open source development (except for a few documents). This is exactly what the company’s employees see and read. There are several sections here. One of them is devoted to code writing – including creating patches for large projects and writing your own small projects in 20% of your free time. Another section explains the practices of of using OSS internally. It explains under which licenses code can be taken and used. For example, code under AGPL licenses to use is prohibited Here you’ll find a carefully selected catalog of thousands of recommended packages. Finally, the third section is dedicated to support for Free Poe initiatives: various student programs, events held, grants given out, etc.
Obviously, Google sees free software as an integral part of its business – and strives to support and use it as much as possible.
Open source is becoming an important part of business not only for Google, but for many other companies as well. Just as the founding fathers predicted, free software spreads like a virus, forcing the creators of derivative software to release it under free licenses too. As Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said, free software will become the new Pareto principle He means that 80% of the value of any technology, from smartphones or other areas of IT, will come from free software, and only 20% from proprietary software. The process is slowly taking place. Studies show that in 2015. 78% of companies used free software in their operations

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