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Google will build a data center for $600 million

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Google’s plans to build a giant data center in South Carolina were proudly announced by local authorities. A site in a Berkeley County park near Charleston has already been selected for construction. The total area of the development will be 210 hectares. The land for the construction was bought by a Google subsidiary last year for $ 17 million. The purchase of the land and the preparations for the construction were carried out in the utmost secrecy. The subsidiary company was registered in the name of fictitious persons, and all machinations passed in the internal documentation of Google as "Project X" and "Project Y". Google executives now explain that the secrecy was necessary to avoid showing their cards to rivals Microsoft and Yahoo.
Thanks to Google, the Charleston area will create 200 new jobs and the local budget will receive nearly $2 million a year in property taxes alone. The local government was so grateful that they waived the electricity and capital investment tax for Google as an exception.
The main advantages of the chosen location in South Carolina are the abundance of relatively cheap electricity (tens of megawatts are needed for the data center) and the nearby lake (water is needed for cooling).
Google is actively expanding its infrastructure. Last year it spent $1.9 billion on capital construction, and in the near future it plans to start building two more data centers in North and South Carolina near the U.S. East Coast…
via The Post and Courier

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