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Googlefrom October 1 will restrict free access to video conferencing service Google Meetfor users

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Googlefrom October 1 will restrict free access to video conferencing service Google Meetfor users
Verge Edition clarified Google’s plans for free access to Google Meet A company spokesperson explained that the video conferencing service promotion expires Sept. 30, and restrictions will be imposed on users.
Restrictions of the free version of Google Meet after September 30: the duration of conferences will not exceed 60 minutes, it will be impossible to use landline phone numbers to organize meetings. Now the duration of user-created conferences is not limited by time.
Google promises to announce further if the company does decide to extend the Google Meet promotion.
A paid corporate account and package subscription will be required to connect to Google Meet without restriction G Suite Google is also introducing free access to its video conferencing service to educational institutions as part of the G Suite for Education
Earlier in late April 2020, Google announced that anyone with a Google account can create a conference with up to 100 people for free, who must also have a Google account. Without this, it is not possible to join a conference. This is for the safety of users to minimize risks like zombombombing, as the conference cannot be attended by uninvited third parties or anonymous users. In addition, all broadcasts in Google Meet are encrypted, which significantly reduces the risk of hacking or leakage of users’ personal information.
Google also announced the introduction of advanced security features for Google Meet users. There, special and convenient security tools have been implemented to ensure the comfort and protection of users’ data working remotely. The company has limited the ability of external participants to join the conference in more than 15 minutes, thereby reducing the window in which a head-on attack can even be launched. External participants cannot join a meeting unless they are invited in the calendar or have been invited by team members. Otherwise, they must request to join the conference, and their request must be accepted by the member of the organization that created the conference.
At the end of September, Google released an update to its Google Meet service that adds noise-canceling technology. In this case, the user does not need to buy special headphones, which are equipped with such technology. Noise cancelling mode is activated automatically with the help of cloud service AI Google. The smart system analyzes the sound itself, processes it and removes noise.
Updated as of 9/30/09: Google extended free access to unlimited calls on the Google Meet video conferencing service for all users until March 31, 2021. An "unlimited" number of calls is available to all users – in fact, the limit is 24 hours, the company explains.

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