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Googlehas developed “smart” interactive sneakers (+ video)

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Googlehas developed "smart" interactive sneakers (+ video)
Not so long ago I saw an article somewhere (I think even on Habra) about Google corporation releasing a lot of strange and very strange devices.The ranks of such devices were enlarged with the appearance of "talking shoes", or "Talking Shoe". However, this shoe is unlikely to hit the shelves of sports stores. Talking Shoe is part of the project. Art, Copy, Code
So, the creators of this robotic sports shoe took Adidas basketball "snickers" as the basis, stuffing them with electronics. The elements included in the design include a gyroscope, an accelerometer, plus a Bluetooth module. All this allows the sneaker to "understand" what is happening, and respond appropriately. At the same time, the Talking Shoe may well be called a virtual trainer, as the shoe responds with caustic remarks to the owner’s attempts to ditch the workout. But in case of successes of the one who put on the "smart" shoe, the latter will praise him.
The electronic components installed on the shoe receive all the necessary data about a person’s position and running/running mode, process this data, and transmit it to a smartphone. Developers from Google have already called their creation "smart sneakers with a personality that can publish their story on the Web."
What’s interesting is that this kind of shoe is one of the first attempts to make our clothes interactive. Maybe the current project is more like a joke, but nobody took Google Glass seriously before, although now more and more people want to get this device, and in some countries and some institutions Google Glass has already been banned.
The work of the smart shoes can be seen below :
Via Google

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