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Googleto infiltrate MySpacefor a billion dollars

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Search giant Google will shell out at least $900 million for the right to put its search interface on America’s most popular site.The partners will share the profits from the search advertising.
Such a large amount. transactions is due to the huge traffic Google will get on the MySpace (52.3 million unique visitors in June 2006), and thus more advertising revenue.
Interestingly, according to the latest U.S. statistics, MySpace came out on top in popularity among U.S. users, surpassing Google’s site as well as individual sites Yahoo and all other competitors. Even searches for "MySpace" and "MySpace.com" are among the most popular searches on Google.
Under the terms of the deal, Google pledged to pay at least $900 million between Q1 2007 and Q2 2010. This amount will be obtained if the sites in the network Fox Interactive Media (except MySpace, the contract says about a dozen of smaller sites that are part of the Internet division of News Corp.) will comply with the minimum traffic. In reality, the amount of payments can be even greater. The owners of the social network will receive royalties from all the search advertising on their site. In fact, they get a reliable source of income, which they didn’t have before, because they couldn’t find so many advertisers by themselves. Now they’re getting a full return on their $580 million investment, which is how much News Corp. bought MySpace last year.
Under the terms of the agreement, Google will place its search interface, in addition to MySpace, on the following resources : the largest video game and entertainment site IGN sports professional site Scout.com , a site for movie buffs Rottentomatoes.com , a site for stylish men AskMen.com Google search will also appear on gaming sites Gamespy.com , Gamespyarcade.com , Fileplanet.com , Direct2drive.com , Teamxbox.com , 3dgamers.com , Gamestat.com , Cheatscodesguides.com and Gamermetrics.com
In addition to text ads, Google gets the right to place graphic banners. Branded search will be introduced on the MySpace site in October 2006. There are plans to put a search box in every MySpace profile and even release a branded MySpace toolbar for the browser, which will also integrate Google search. Incidentally, if you consider Google’s plans to introduce video ads to affiliate sites, and The recent agreement with MTV Networks then we can say that the Google Video + MySpace alliance has the potential to be a very serious competitor to YouTube.

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