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Gphone, the subscriber is temporarily unavailable.Fantasies and facts

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Over the past year, Google has actively started to buy up various companies and online services around the world. Due to the "secretive" policy of Google, there were always a lot of rumors surrounding the company, but recently their number has increased, and literally every day you can find on the Internet fresh news about the company alternately with speculation and fantasy. So the most discussed news of this season is the company’s own cell phone release (even a site in runet someone made http://g-phone.ru/ ), so I decided to fantasize a little on the subject, especially since the Internet threw me a lot of information. And before the tube came out, how reports Press-services of Taiwanese developers, who are actually engaged in the development of GooglePhone still a long wait, as far as the first half of 2008.
There is no data on what the phone looks like yet, on different sites devoted to the gadgets are posted completely different photos, as a rule suspiciously similar to the already selling communicators from HTP. All assumptions are based on the fact that someone said something there, someone showed somewhere and so on… From what we can conclude that no one knows anything, but would very much like to…
But this is all speculation, I would like to base my fantasies on real facts, like the letter Google sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the USA with a proposal to buy a package of radio frequencies of the 700 MHz band for $4, 6 billion. The auction of frequencies will be held until January 28, 2008 and if the company wins, it is possible that future phone models from Google will work on this frequency (but only in USA of course), but meanwhile 3G support is announced (and only EDGE if it’s bad).
It is worth expecting that the applications will be integrated with online services, of which Google has more than enough:

There have long been rumors that Google is planning to release its own browser even registered the domain name gbrowser.com. But we should not rule out the possibility that it is planned exactly mobile browser, because in this area there is no clear advantage of Microsoft, and the winner will be the most convenient and usable client. The more so that the mobile versions of some of the services mentioned above are already actively functioning, but usually in a reduced mode and in English.
In early November, Google announced that work was underway on the Android mobile platform, which gave rise to thoughts that there would be no promised phone, but I wouldn’t jump to any premature conclusions about the search giant’s marketing moves; I’d rather continue to fantasize. Android is a full-featured platform, consisting of an operating system, middleware, a user interface and a set of applications. The software platform is open and free and will be available under an open-source license. This will allow operators and developers to modify the system without significant restrictions. The developer libraries will be unveiled on November 12, and the first devices will be available in the second half of 2008.
The most tidbit issue when talking about the GPhone is, of course, the cost of calls. Many are happily trashing the topic that owners of the phone will get free service, and the company will earn from advertising, especially since in September 2007 was announced the launch of Google Mobile Ads
We can also expect that in the near future there will be an implementation of the Google Checkout mobile payment system But again, we will have to wait a long time for it in Russia. And in the light of the fact that there was information about the projet "Mobile payments." which will create a platform for remote payment for goods and services with the help of a cell phone – payment systems in Russia may have a serious competitor.
Recently passed information that Google will begin providing full access to online books for money. According to New York Times, publishers will be able to set prices for their books and share revenues with Google. Which, along with Amazon are about to release a digital reading device This may well extend to mobile devices (and Gphone), given the love of smartphone and communicator owners for reading on public transportation. The good news is that Russian readers can also benefit from a similar service, since Google has already managed to digitize 24, 000 books from the publishing house OLMA Media Group.
Probably the most interesting is that Gphone can become an excellent ground for building a new level of social networks: the company has blog and video hosting services, mapping service, therefore, the presence in the handset GPS receiver will combine in real time: video, photo, audio and textual information, geography and attitude to the event in real time. The more so, virtual worlds, virtual cities made like real ones, based on text and media content of users, became very popular lately. I am referring to games such as Second Life Or real cities on Google Maps ( Street View ).
P.S. After reading the last paragraph it makes me laugh, but some of the facts are there. The main task of the big companies is to make money, and on the Internet the money is first of all advertising. Google already is thinking about start making money on Google Maps, placing ads on the roofs of houses (virtually, of course), and what will happen when thousands and millions of social network users wander around virtual cities? They’ll bring the company billions more.

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