Home Robotics “Harmony is in a great mood.” Interview with the creator of RealDoll and his sex robot (VIDEO)

“Harmony is in a great mood.” Interview with the creator of RealDoll and his sex robot (VIDEO)

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He spent 20 years studying anatomy and materials.He was constantly honing his skills as an artist. He dreamed of making a piece of plastic move and teach it to talk. He dreamed and acted. And he did.
He literally managed to overcome the effect "uncanny valley" Really : can a cute RealDoll scare anyone?
"Harmony is in a great mood." Interview with the creator of RealDoll and his sex robot (VIDEO)
Today we will talk about the author of the idea, inventor and designer of RealDoll sex robots, Matt McMullen. It was he who assembled the Realbotix team, which now continues to improve them.
Matt started working on the first prototypes back in 1997 in his own garage. As a result, over the past 20 years, the world has never been able to surpass his achievement: RealDolls are still considered the most realistic dolls to this day.
Interestingly, they weren’t originally conceived as "love dolls." Matt dreamed of creating an advanced mannequin to showcase exclusive clothing in the most high-end boutiques and fashion houses.
However, people were interested in something else entirely.
They wanted a comfort doll with full anatomical detail. As they say, the customer is always right, so Matt did focus on this direction. He assembled a team which included enough people to see a commercial angle. In the meantime, the artist continued to be creative. And the technical aspects, of course.
These details were shared by Matt himself in an interview with the forum "Internet of Things."
In addition to the history of RealDoll’s creation, he told many other interesting facts. It turns out that on average it takes 80 hours and 15-20 people to create one doll.
When asked which is more important : realism or puppet intelligence – he said he has spent the last 20 years on their aesthetic design after all.
"Getting them to start moving and talking was something I could only dream about, " Matt noted. – But now, with the help of new technology and competent staff, I realized that it’s all quite feasible."
He also mentioned Dolls’ resistance to cyberattacks and the company’s other developments.
All in all, the video interview with Matt McMullen is a real masthead to watch.
P. S. At the time of writing, the creator of RealDoll was about to attend the IV International Forum "Internet of Things" but later learned that, for reasons beyond his control, he would not be able to attend the conference in person – he would be speaking online on Oct. 31 at 4:30 p.m.

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