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Dear Hubrowman.
I’m sick of the idiotic IT scenes in American movies. As the years go by, the idiocy only increases. How long?
The dumbest thing I ever saw was the scene of the alien ship being infected with the virus in the movie Independence Day.
The height of stupidity was naming a criminal and hacker from Finland "Torvalds" in The movie "Password Swordfish." In the same movie, the breaking and entering scenes were "good". The whole fuss with the running numbers is completely delusional.
The image of the blogger in the movie "Friend of the Bride." There was a "crazy blogger" with thick lenses on her glasses, with her mouth open, looking idiotically at the people around her and rushing to make a blog entry on any occasion.
Generally, any scene of intrusion detection is shown by a big red sign halfway across the screen with a flashing "danger" or something like that. Nowhere can you see menu and navigation items and who is doing what and from where. There are no such interfaces for the life of me.
If someone wrote a virus, it makes all computers on the network fully armed within seconds and as a proof of that all computers show the picture of the "hacker" (film "Recruit").
If the network is under control even the control console hangs to make it clear that something is wrong (like in "terminator 3").
It is not clear why this happens, there is no money for a competent consultation with specialists? Unlikely.
I’m sure that everyone has encountered such bloopers. I propose to write here about such high-profile IT bloopers. Screenshots would be especially valuable.

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