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Home server.Part one – the choice of components

by admin

Once I had the need to update my home server, which is a computer with a Pentium 400Mhz processor and 384Mb memory. The main things I wanted to do was to make it even quieter, smaller and faster.
First I picked up the components.
You can only reduce the size by using small components 🙂 so I settled on the form factor mini-ITX To begin with, I chose the case I was looking for in the Inwin range of cases. Unfortunately they only have a very small selection of mini-ITX cases but they were quite suitable for me, my choice fell on the bm639 The power supply built into the case puts out 120W, but it’s more than enough for my needs.
To satisfy my requirements all server internals had to be quiet and preferably with low power consumption. So as a processor I decided to use Atom, which was more than suitable in all respects and since I wanted a faster one, I searched for Atom 330 From motherboards with this processor I found some contenders from Intel, Gigabyte and a couple of noobs. I decided to leave the Gigabyte case last night because I had a few bugs with their products, so I decided to buy Intel motherboard, although I never worked with Intel motherboards. From the two Intel boards I chose a model without any frills Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2D
Not much to say about the memory, I took the maximum of what the motherboard supports – 2Gb.
Now I just need to take care of the hard drive. I looked at hard disks from all major manufacturers. The winner here is WD with their Green Power series. They have lower power consumption and a 5400 spindle speed which makes for a quieter operation. I wanted to take the 500Gb at first but acoustically the Terrabyte was better. WD10EVDS Which is what I ended up getting.
I wrote all of this while I was downloading Windows 7 64-bit to install on the new system. I will install it only for tests, in the end, Fedora 11 will be installed 🙂
In the second part of this article I will post a photo report about the build.
Part Two – Assembly.

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