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HomeLab.ru.domain I registered several years ago, for a project providing hosting sites with free access within the Zelenograd computer networks, and a minimal fee for access outside.
Planned to park user domains or get free third level names on our domains.
One such name was. HomeLab.ru.
However, during the development of the project, one aggressive company has enslaved all of Zelenograd grids.Brought in a cheap unlimited and shut down all the internal resources. Home servers with direct IPs are also in question.
The project has changed its orientation, and HomeLab.ru was still lying idle.
Not so long ago I wrote a young man who asked about the possibility of buying a domain. I took the offer with caution. I did not want to sell the name (which means something personal to me) in order to resell it at an auction for three times the price. However, a little later I was shown a project for which I was looking for a domain.
With a light heart I signed a gentleman’s agreement under which I gave him a name for free, leaving in their hands dns’y and the possibility of unlimited registration of third-level domain with a directory of resources cat.homelab.ru
HomaLab.ru itself is now running what I think is an absolutely wacky project. You can check it out if you’re wondering how to make a "stink bomb out of hair, Bengal lights and such and such mother" or something similar.
I think this is a good example of collaboration. Anyway, I had no ideas for a super-duper project for the title HomeLab.ru, and let it all under the catalog and information about the service in my opinion is not as fun as such a cool neighborhood 🙂
I understand that the time of third-level domains is rapidly receding (if it hasn’t yet), but surely there may be projects for which it is impractical to maintain a second-level domain. Often these may be just such niche resources as homeLab. Such a domain would suit any site dedicated to handmade, creativity. Any freelancer or a single hairdresser is the owner of his home laboratory.
At cat.homelab.ru specifies how to contact me, hubro mail is also suitable. I’ll give you a domain name and a gmail-based mailbox absolutely free. You can bolt on your hosting, you can redirect to any other name.
Addresses like blackbox.homelab.ru might be a good option for an ftp-server if you’re tired of giving out IPs to everyone. (not for hosting child pornography)
I’ll provide hosting for business card site for free too.
All home labs will be consolidated by a directory. As a reciprocal courtesy, I ask only that you post a link to it.

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