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HP refuses to upgrade to Windows 7 for free

by admin

As the journalists of the British edition of the Register found out, HP refuses to carry out the process of upgrading its laptops to Windows 7 at its own expense. Register gives as an example the story of one of his readers, who bought himself a notebook series EliteBook with Vista Business, decided to ask the service center with a request to upgrade it to a new version of the system free of charge. In response, he was offered to pay £27 for "shipping and handling costs". Of course he was not happy about this – when buying a laptop he saw advertising banners on the website offering just a free upgrade, and the final purchase price, he thinks, was already included.
HP’s representative responded as follows: The upgrade to Windows 7 is a Windows 7 Upgrade Option, and the Windows 7 Upgrade Kit itself is free, but the manufacturer reserves the right to charge additional fees for the processes of shipping the laptop and performing the upgrade. HP never said anywhere that they would be free. Moreover, it is left up to the vendor to set the amount of this surcharge.
PS: I wonder what will happen in Russia with this case? I also had hopes for a free upgrade to Windows 7, and an HP ProBook laptop, not some Pavilion. If you take the cost in the UK as an example and translate that to the Central Bank exchange rate, it comes out to 1500 rubles.
UPD: after talking to HP, they settled on $44, and this will be charged solely for shipping the Windows 7 Pro 32-bit disk. Pay by credit card only.

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