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On hubra sometimes people talk about the future of mankind, about the principles of human society, if everyone is equipped with a camera, GPS-system, microphone and put it all into a huge information network where any event can be accessed at the touch of a button.
But man has always dreamed of invulnerability, teleportation, and superpowers.
What if they create a huge army of humanoid robots (or rather, just humanoid robots) and put every newborn in a capsule (something like a matrix cell), implant implants in his brain and other body parts so that he will fully see and feel what one of the humanoid robots sees and feels and can fully "live" in him and control him. And also add the ability to switch robots for "teleportation" and in case of failure.
That is, the city and the streets will look the same as they do now, only the streets will be run by heavy-duty robots. They will also talk, laugh, have fun, and work, but they will be controlled by living people from the matrix. They will not be afraid of physical breakdowns, they will have superpowers. If one person "teleported" from one robot to another, the freed robot will simply automatically go to the nearest "body park" and be fixed there. People will also be able to make "upgrades" to their iron bodies, changing their appearance, appearance and parameters. Robots will be made as close to a human body as possible in appearance. The transfer of the current state from the robot to the human and vice versa will be carried out with the help of a satellite and further into a unified network.
Something similar can be done now – virtual reality helmet + arm and leg sensors.
If we develop this thought, then when a child is born (or rather cloned), only its brain will be taken out at all. This brain is placed in another cell of the matrix, a remote "iron body" is assigned to it, its life span and social status are determined. In such civilization there will be no problems with crime, diseases, and in general almost all problems of modern society will recede into the background. Everybody would be happy and have infinite possibilities 🙂
What do you think of this idea? Your opinion on how soon it will be implemented :).
UPD: Sex and love are good. But this instinct is necessary for human beings to reproduce. With human cloning it will no longer be necessary. I’m not suggesting we start using this "technology" right now, I’m just expressing a little utopian thought 🙂

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