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I sent an email to Microsoft Russia

by admin

I’m sorry, maybe I’m writing in the wrong place, but unfortunately, I was unable to find a form or address on the Microsoft website under "Feedback" where you can send my comments about Windows Mobile 6.1.
I’m probably some wrong user, but I’ve been using Windows Mobile-based communicators for 4 years now, and in the last year alone, I’ve had my contacts reset probably 5 times (the last time today). And each time it happens when using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. Probably the root of my problem is that I am using the communicator to connect to 3 computers, and ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center swears when the mobile device is connected to more than 2 computers.
But nevertheless, a big request :

  • Add, please, in the interface of synchronization of contacts functionality, so that when you delete or change a contact, a request to perform this action will be displayed. You can at least make it optional.
  • I also want ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center to be able to explicitly set one-way synchronization of contacts. Right now I’m even afraid to connect my device to a PC with an up-to-date contacts database, because ActiveSync might decide that my device has a more up-to-date contacts database and erase the contacts from the desktop computer.
  • Please add to Windows Mobile the ability to import contacts from a file.
  • Please also add an option to cancel contact synchronization.

I hope you won’t ignore my email and pass it on to the developers, or tell me where I should go to solve my problem.
Sincerely, Mikhail Noskov.

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