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I tried it for you – Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i

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I tried it for you - Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i


First generation iPhone (the full metal one) was fine until I put the third version of the firmware, after which it started to eat too much for me to continue using it, a week of agony and my daughter removed my doubts by smashing it on the bathroom floor.
I never thought I’d be happy about this, there was good reason to change phones.
As it turned out the alternatives at the time simply was not, android half a year caused doubts, and the phone that I would like then I have not found.
Tormented with the HTC Touch (took it from his wife 🙂 and waited, waited, waited.
The news chalked up one after another, time passed, and then I saw it, it met some of my humble desires, I believed at the time.
3.5 jack (4 pin) for headphones on top, Android, multitasking, even though short but quite acceptable battery life, replaceable battery and memory card, great appearance, great display, no problems with i-tunes and other imposed plushkas.
Now let me explain why Sony Ericsson and not HTC.
For a long time I’ve been watching quite closely what exactly Sony Ericsson pays attention to, from them I had the right to expect good, high-quality sound and radio (meaning the phone itself), no less good photo.
Sony Ericsson has always paid attention to detail and this time we can say that they almost succeeded.
As it happens, I bought it in Hong Kong a week ago.
The price for it and the iPhone 3GS 16GB was absolutely identical, dollar for dollar!

Here we go.

I’m going to pretend to be a philistine here and pile everything on.
I’m not going to separate the axis and the iron itself, etc.
I bought one solid piece and will judge it accordingly.
Well now I’m going straight to the trouble list.
Well it’s not really even trouble, just little paragraphs.
I am spoiled with iPhones, I was sinking more and more into apathy every day encountering this something called an android in real life.
And here’s why.
You buy a phone that is once again positioned as the iPhone killer and generally the flagship smartphone Sony Ericsson for the price of a good, boring iPhone, turn it on, and it does not turn on.
Gotta hold on longer, a lot longer.
Are you used to the iPhone and its smooth-inertia interface by now?
Forget about it, get used to the blunt, blurry, sometimes abrupt and chaotic response to any of your quite standard actions.
You wanted to scroll through a list and it opens a menu item from that list, and no it’s not your fault, it’s a constant occurrence.
Let’s go further, and look for what it’s actually for.
And for the ability to call, text, surf the web, read mail, and listen to music.
It calls, it texts, but if you’re used to a handy player, forget about it, you’ll be offered something you can’t use.
Take the headphones from the kit…
Throw them in the trash.
And it’s not that they are bad, no, they are good, but the maximum volume of the phone does not allow to use them even in normal conditions, not to mention the subway, saving more sensitive headphones 116dB, becomes acceptable.
We put the phone in our pocket, andeeeee…
We get screwed once again.
We want to make it louder or quieter, we want to switch tracks (forget about the button on the headset :-), and we need to unlock the phone.
A little later, after a long search was found player which solved both problems, but my gods, do not dare to remember ayfon player, you will be hurt, very hurt.
Incoming call.
I take the phone, I don’t know why, but I try to turn it on, and the power button resets the call…
UPD: In the comments say that should be so.
Strange that I didn’t notice this on my iPhone.
We want to read a book.
I never could find a proper reader.
I won’t say anything about my phone breaking while I’m reading it.
Launch the browser and eeee…
A week later, we find a way to type the site address into the query bar.
The browser is certainly not safari, far from it.
Next, a battery, such a battery, even two such batteries!
Yes I had two in the kit, plus an external charger for the second one, but the charger broke for some unknown reason.
Did you know that the iPhone didn’t need battery training?
It was already ready to go, and here it wasn’t.
Here he’ll be blown out the first night and he’ll need to be rocked (coached) for a couple of days.
Hence the howls on the forums about how it’s kinda dead, no it’s not, it’s quite competitive with the iPhone and even beats it.
You have to train it!
How about that!

Multipultitachi forget…

Forget it!
Because patents!!!
Sony Ericsson seems to promise happiness to everyone, but it’s already painful, very painful and very long, and very rambling.
The first we get will be Multitouch, the second will not be Multitouch, the third will support it, the third will not support it, the ninja from the store said that it would be available, and so on.
Oh my God, what a kindergarten!?
Android there 1.6, I don’t believe that with 2.1 – 2.2 something will change much.
And if it will change, then only supposedly in the fall and about multitouch they don’t promise anything much.
Fuck them with their fall…
Adroid Market.
A collection of children’s crafts.
No, really, it’s just a dump!
Well look for yourself.
It’s embarrassing and scary to show this and put it on your phone.
My first thought was to redo all these ugly icons and interfaces to not embarrass people.
In short, a total disappointment.
Okay, there are of course also excuses Pros.

  1. I didn’t want an iPhone anymore, I didn’t get an iPhone.
  2. I wanted quality sound, I got it.
  3. The camera is over the top, just no words, I’m amazed.
    I tried it for you - Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i
    There is smile recognition with the appropriate setting Smile level where a choice is offered, wide, normal, and light.
    It can also recognize faces (I don’t know why, but that’s cool :-)!
    I tried it for you - Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i
  4. Uploading files via comp, no question, easy, simple, and fast.
  5. There is a special progromulina for macOS, it synchronizes music and other stuff with iTunes.
  6. Just awesome google services integration, everything out of the box, quick and easy.
  7. All contacts synced immediately, mail, calendar, and so on.
  8. No problems with locking or registering, you turn it on and everything works.
  9. Select the Russian language and oh gods, it’s all, everything is russified, even the map in the GC (this is by the way for nothing, how do I show a cab driver this?)
  10. The display, well just awesome! I tried it for you - Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i
  11. I chose this way, put the white iPhone and the Xperia, the iPhone looked miserable.
  12. Very nice, lacquered (white) plastic case.
    I tried it for you - Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i
  13. Quietly amazed when I logged into the server from it via remoutdesktop, no brakes or glitches, my jaw dropped from that.
  14. Nice little things in the form of a memory card and a replaceable battery.
  15. Great build!

You asked to take your pictures, this is what I got :
Pictures from it


Sony Ericsson needs to rush Android 2.1
And right now it’s just stupid to take it.

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