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IBM introduces new versions of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse

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IBM database software improves operational efficiency and reduces storage costs by 75 percent. Read more about the products and applications in healthcare and retail in this post.
The information generated by companies, the volume of which is growing exponentially, is putting a heavy burden on the database infrastructure. This, in turn, raises the costs of managing, hosting, powering and cooling the storage and processing of increasing data sets. According to IBM, 15 petabytes of new information are generated every day.
IBM’s innovative database software features will help customers combat these challenges by optimizing hardware usage, improving the efficiency of administration operations, simplifying the execution of applications created in other database software environments, and achieving a new level of intelligence through the use of valuable XML data.
“Industries like health care, retail and banking are confronting rising energy costs by managing, analyzing and evaluating information effectively to achieve better business outcomes, ” said Leonid Altukhov. Director of IBM software sales in Russia and CIS. – Offering new innovations in DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse software products IBM continues to help its clients and partners to increase productivity and reduce energy costs”.
A new version of DB2, code-named Cobra , further reduces the resources required for data storage, helping to save up to 75 percent of costs, including power costs-more than any other database software available on the market. This new IBM offering is also the industry’s first software product to include business intelligence features for both relational data and XML data.
The software also includes workload management tools and offline computing features that improve the performance of high-priority application tasks (such as preparing quarterly financial reports) and help IT staff manage increasing amounts of data more efficiently, saving up to 35% of administration time.
University of California Medical Center ( UCLA Medical Center ) is using this technology to provide rapid access to electronic patient records, while reducing the storage resources needed to manage that data by 50%.
In addition, UCLA is currently developing three clinical applications using DB2 features to analyze and better understand common signs and conditions in patients with similar symptoms or diseases – with the goal of determining optimal treatment techniques and improving the quality of care for the population.
Another company is. Douglas Holding AG – which specializes in perfumes and fashion accessories, uses DB2 to manage statistical trade data for its European network of 1, 800 stores.
IBM introduces new versions of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse
The company is using the XML application as a bridge between the stores’ cash registers and the data warehouse. After testing the new version of DB2 with its application, Douglas Holding AG noted an increase in the accuracy of its sales statistics, allowing the company to better understand the shopping habits of its customers and, as a result, improve its overall business performance.
InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Enterprise Edition software, powered by DB2 9.7, also includes tools to simplify data analysis and extract valuable information from it. A new Departmental Edition of the software has also been released which is targeted at small companies and individual departments of large enterprises. This new edition allows organizations to transform their corporate data into relevant, reliable and consistent information suitable for business analysis.
IBM’s Integrated Data Management approach offers an opportunity to increase developer productivity, a prerequisite for reducing costs. DB2 9.7 includes new technology that makes it easier for IT to quickly develop and deploy applications, including programs specifically written to work with other database software. Developers can now take advantage of these new technologies by using IBM Data Studio to design, develop, deploy and manage information throughout its lifecycle.
Companies that have participated in the IBM Early Access Program have noted significant time savings in deploying applications in the new DB2 version environment. “It can take two years of effort to convert a third-party DB2 application to a previous version of DB2. We were amazed when it took us just one week to convert such an application to run in the new version of DB2. This opens up fantastic opportunities to expand our international community of users, partners and developers. We are very excited about our partnership with IBM, which is helping to create and distribute new advanced application deployment tools, ” said Paolo Giuvara (Paolo Juvara), chief technology officer at Openbravo, a Web-based ERP solution provider and IBM business partner.
EnterpriseDB, another IBM business partner, has contributed to the functionality of DB2 9.7. “We are extremely pleased to be working with IBM to improve and expand database technology, ” emphasized Ed Boyajan. (Ed Boyajian), CEO of EnterpriseDB. – We try to accommodate and take advantage of all the changes that are occurring in the evolving database software market.”
DB2 9.7 and InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 will be available in June. Customers, developers and partners can test DB2 9.7 through the IBM Early Access Program.
For more information, visit the Web sites http://ibm.com/db2 , http://ibm.com/infosphere and http://ibm.com/breakfree

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