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If homeopathy were used to treat computers

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1. This kind of thing would be treated with that kind of thing. That is, with computer viruses. But in order not to get caught in quackery and not to get screwed, instead of viruses they would install "solitaire" on the infected computer, but not a simple one, but charged with the memory of the virus and homeopathically diluted.
2. In case the user really has a virus on his computer, a normal antivirus would be installed in addition to the homeopathic one. But in doing so, of course, the effect would be explained by proper homeopathic dilution.
3. antivirus programs would not contain any antivirus code. The antivirus programs would have used copies of the "solitaire lump-sum" program whose first copy was once installed in the liver of a barbaric duck on a computer that was in the same room as the computer in the same building as the computer that was infected with the virus.
Then copies of this solitaire-slash-playing game in the D13 breeding would be sold on computer store shelves and approved by the appropriate non-corrupt agencies.
4. Homeopathic antivirus users and propagandists would say that computer programs have a memory effect. And the further away the developer of the homeopathic antivirus was from the real viruses, the stronger the effect would be, which is known to grow with each homeopathic breeding.
5. On the Internet, users of homeopathic antiviruses would cite the following proof of their effectiveness : "Well, even if it’s self-inflicted, I feel better!"
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