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Impressions from Yandex.Subbotnik

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Let’s start with the fact that my impressions are very good, and I am madly grateful to the organizers of this event, which was useful for me. There are so many impressions that I filled 12 pages of notebook with my notes in small print. Below I will sort out these notes, systematize them and they will be suitable for reading. I will not lay out the verbatim records themselves reports, they will be posted online in 2-3 days, and there and read. Just mine impressions 🙂
I came to the focus of a report on "Wrapping in IntelliJIDEA" from Vadim Makishvili. As he himself rightly pointed out, he didn’t push the editor to us, he just shared his development experience and how to make this development more convenient, faster and of higher quality.
Impressions from Yandex.Subbotnik

"subbotnik" at Yandex.Pictures
And there’s not much to tell, you just have to download Idea, watch it, and maybe get hooked on it. It’s multiplatform. I’ll finish this post, and I’ll be sure to download and use it. I think it’s worth listening to Vadim’s experience.
The only thing is that this program is not designed for HTML+CSS development but for JAVA. But nevertheless it does its job just fine.
Then Fyodor Golubev briefly, and very ascetically, told us about Yandex.Maps API. In principle, all that was told during the report, everything is in the documentation. It was informative, but I won’t dwell on it here either.
Impressions from Yandex.Subbotnik

"subbotnik" at Yandex.Pictures
But for myself, I came to the conclusion that in my new job (yes, yes – I found a job), in some places I will implement the functionality based on Ya.karta.
And then came the fun part, "CSS Framework with your own hands" by Vitaly Harisov.
Vitaly’s presentation began with the fact that he had a layout of the presentation that was being spun on the wall. As a result, the whole room was given a brief master class on operational debugging of the layout, everything was broadcasted on the screen and commented on by the developers. After fixing all the problems, Vitaly broke into a round of applause. By the way, it was not the last time.
By the way, I noticed that Vitaly in profile looks like Chandler from "Friends" when he wore glasses. The whole time Vitaly was in my field of vision I never left that impression.
Impressions from Yandex.Subbotnik

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I got some interesting ideas from Vitaly’s talk. I will not blindly repeat what we were told, but to make changes to what I have now is necessary, I really understood that today. It is worth noting that I had such thoughts even before the Subbotnik, but it was there that I realized – it is necessary to do. It has to do with optimizing CSS development and, of course, layout.
Vitaly got a second round of applause when he acknowledged, simply and with a smile, why he uses tables. The answer is quite obvious, the layers do not give the dynamics that Yandex needs.
Also liked the quote, unfortunately I can’t remember the exact words, – "Bad expressions, but written by good people – it’s still bad". If anyone remembers the quote itself, please post in the comments.
A lot of scolding went to the IE developers, and also to the "underbrowser" itself. It is quite obvious that Microsoft representative did not come, otherwise he would have blushed like a cancer throughout Vitaly’s speech.
An interesting way of png fixing, for IE6 naturally, called g-png was suggested. I suggest to read it by all means. Again, all reports will be posted in 2-3 days.
During the report I learned that the developers regularly send bug fixes to the browser development teams. I asked a question after the report, is there any use of bug reports? The answer blew up all the Yandex’s kitchen with laughter saying that they send bug-reports exceptionally for personal satisfaction. Although if I were me, I would listen to the experts from web monsters.
It’s because the reports are sent that the valid code is written, which is quite obvious. But that’s obviously not the reason for validation 🙂
Then, after the report, I overheard Vitaly worrying that his report was boring and uninteresting. Vitaly, if you are reading these lines – you know, everything was just fine. However, I have already told you that.
Next up was a talk from Vadim Makeev, "With a Knife Against the Locomotive. Optimizing and slicing graphics for professional layout. For me the report was interesting only from the point of view of "maybe I’ll learn something new". I have not learned much new, but found out a couple of nice little things for myself. I will use it in my work.
Impressions from Yandex.Subbotnik

"subbotnik" at Yandex.Pictures
As Vadim rightly pointed out, sites used to be designed, now they are drawn – in general, this is the normal course of Web evolution, but it’s still a bit of a drag.
What I didn’t really like about the report, all the hotkeys that were specified were specified for Mac, which is a little uncomfortable for me. But it’s not fatal.
A representative of Begun was setting up PhotoShop in parallel with Vadim. By the way, I will write below who I saw, even if not by name. But by companies.
Really disliked the guy who actually, with his stupid question, made Vadim explain what CSS sprites are. It is unpleasant that time was taken away, because the schedule is very tight, and everything was scheduled by the minutes. Someone failed to ask, perhaps an interesting question. And it was about the fact that you can implement rounded corners with sprites. The thing is elementary.
Then it was the turn of Natalia Makishvili with her report "Design for Mobile Devices". Of interest, Natasha had as many as 30 cell phones to check the layout. We, the usual typesetters, are still pretty good, and a competent layout for cell phones is incredibly difficult. It’s a lot easier for PDAs.
Impressions from Yandex.Subbotnik

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Although the browsers from Nokia are insanely frustrating, because they do not support access keys, and attention, anchors! Although both worked fine even on the Siemens M55. To me, that’s weird.
Too bad we don’t keep statistics about browsers which support DTD2.0 from WAPPHORUM.
I forgot to tell you that in St. Petersburg, there are more than 50 phone models for the layout of mobile version pages.
Next was Evgeniya Firsova’s report "Deployment process of the makeup – easy, fast, safe", I, however, missed the first 10 minutes of the report, because at that moment I was chatting with Natasha Makishvili in the smoking room. But I understood the point, and I will read what I did not understand later, when the report will be posted. And I recommend it to you, it’s an invaluable experience which few of us will get in our companies. At least in the near future, I certainly will not have that experience. Most likely, fortunately.
From my impressions, I got the unpleasant impression that during the report Eugenia didn’t quite understand that there are simlink analogues on Windows too. But this is not the main point.
There were few questions for Evgeniya, because the topic was complicated, everyone was tired, there wasn’t much time, and in general we would have listened to her for two more hours with pleasure. But the small number of questions was compensated by the deafening applause. They were broken by all the speakers, by the way, don’t think anything of the sort. There were exceptionally appreciative listeners.
Enough about the program, a little bit about the little things without which the experience would not have been so rosy.
The food was exclusively pastries, but the most varied. I was heavily addicted to homemade pizza, I personally extend my thanks to everyone who made it – insanely delicious, I destroyed an insane amount of it.
Timur, the head of the testing department (how does that sound right?) even threatened a couple of times that he wouldn’t let anyone out until all the baked goods were eaten, but by the end there was just tons of them left, on several tables.
The sugar, on the other hand, was kind of unsweetened, although I wasn’t shy about the number of cubes when I put it in my cup.
It was insanely cold in the smoking room, i.e. on the summer, open veranda, but the sweet tea and pastries quickly warmed everyone who came out for some fresh air. Toward evening the Yandex employees started coming out with us, because the door went to "dark" mode, and without an employee’s magnetic card, it was impossible to get into the building.
Since the Yandex kitchen has wi-fi, photos from the event and tweets appeared extremely quickly. Except I didn’t see any outlets.
There were representatives of Begun, Google, Opera, SUP, several banks, Akronis (Lyosha, salute!) at the Subbotnik.
I want to thank Yandex, and its staff, for the organization, interesting reports and the desire to do something interesting and useful. Thank you, and keep up the good work.
They will continue, threatening to hold three more events in 2009 under the same scheme, but with a different theme.
Probably forgot a lot, but basic impressions shared. About a hundred participants who were registered did not come to the event – you lost a lot, gentlemen and ladies, a lot!

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