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In 2007 mobile content market will grow to 420 mln.dollars

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Representatives of content providers and mobile services development specialists recently participated in the "State and Prospects of the Mobile Content Market" conference at the investment holding company’s website "FINAM"
The mobile content market in Russia is developing very rapidly and has a great future. In terms of facts and figures, according to the assessment of Dmitry Smirnov, the head of mobile services at FINAM, this year the Russian market of mobile content will reach 420 million dollars, i.e. it will grow by 70 million dollars. It is mainly due to partnership programs (WEB, WAP), community services, mobile commerce projects and TV projects.
But not just pluses can be found in the development of mobile content in Russia : for example, many Russian subscribers do not use the additional services of their cell phones, which is most likely due to the difficulty in mastering the new features of mobile devices and the fear of spending too much money by accident.
Marina Mikheeva, director of development of Iricom, highlighted the fact that user interest in non-erotic content has increased dramatically, although it certainly is, and has a significant market share, but it can no longer be called prevalent.
According to Mr. Smirnov’s estimates, five players are now leaders in the Russian mobile content market: I-Free, Infon, Iricom, Inform-mobile and Playfon. "Becoming one of them is not an easy task, even with a lot of money. Working with them is a different income and a different entry threshold. New players may emerge, but more likely among the medium-sized ones, " says a representative of FINAM.

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