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Incompatibility of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and some Beeline towers

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Incompatibility of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and some Beeline towers
Sony Ericsson has released an excellent line of Xperia X10 smartphones, which unfortunately conflict with the equipment of some Beeline and possibly MTS towers.The problem looks like periodic rebooting of the device in some areas, widespread, at least in the Moscow region outside the MKAD. Discussion of this problem on the 4pda forum already takes about 40 pages, has some pretty extreme ways of solving the problem, and none of the non-extreme and yet working, and the first message is dated December 7, that is, the problem is at least a year old. Representatives of Beeline and Sony Ericsson seem to have removed themselves from solving the problem, and are shifting the blame to each other. If you are thinking about buying this phone or using it on the Beeline network, you should probably reconsider taking this step.
It all started when my wife bought a brand new XPeria X10 mini pro, which unfortunately restarted at intervals of 10 seconds to 15 minutes. At first thinking it was a problem with the device, changed it twice. Then, noticing that there were no such problems with the MegaFon sim card, I changed the Beeline sim card with the same result, but it became clear that the problem was not in the phone, or at least, not only in the phone. The representatives of Beeline on the forum and on the official phones were not aware of this problem, as well as hubrappers
Then the following steps were taken: update the official firmware to version 2.3.4, and then to unofficial Cyanogenmod 7.1.0, with the same result. After googling, was found long-suffering branch on the forum 4pda, filled with crying, groaning and experiments of varying degrees of success. To date, the only way to completely remove the problem is to fry the phone for a few minutes in an oven at 200-250 degrees, or change the operator.
In June, a representative of Beeline appeared on the forum and said that the company is aware of the situation, but the deadline for solving the problem is unclear, and asked to report back to him those who have it and under what circumstances. The fact that the employees of Beeline contact with the users is very pleasant and shows the degree of responsibility, which is very encouraging.
In the process of correspondence it was found that the problem causing the reboot of the phone was found, the cause of it was some equipment on some towers of Beeline and it would be solved by the patch of equipment, which should be released in some time. Clarifying, he added that the problem is not only from the side of Beeline, but also from the side of Sony Ericsson, whose software does not correctly handle some abnormal situations.
However, it has been about a month and a half since the correspondence, and the solution to the problem has not been, and still is not.
It remains to say that the wonderful Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro phone itself is lying on the shelf, and there seems to be no solution to the problem. There are also a few questions for the hubs – what might actually be the problem, how warming it up might fix the situation, is there a software solution possible, as well as any other thoughts and ideas.
Word has come in from Beeline that the problem is that the switches are sending some service commands that are causing the smartphone to reboot. Patches that could fix the situation should be released by third-party hardware vendors. However, no service commands should cause the device to reboot, so obviously the problem is in the design of the smartphone itself.

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