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Interesting videos about Leap Motion

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Interesting videos about Leap Motion
Closely following the news about Leap Motion (and, for a known reason, I have no right to tell much about the device).Interesting videos are appearing from developers who have already received their devices (the revision of which not so long ago reached the sixth – the seventh, apparently, will be a release).Some of them I would like to draw a little attention of those who follow the project.
By the way, for those who missed the news – ASUS recently Has signed a contract to supply a device with some of its computer models, and the Leap itself will become available to users this spring
For those who haven’t heard about this device yet, let’s note that Leap Motion is a controller with gesture recognition in the air. The closest analogue is Microsoft’s Kinect, but it is hard to put them on the same level – the gesture recognition accuracy of Leap is 0.01mm, which is a hundred times better than that of Kinect. For more information about the device, welcome to official site , video which is worth watching for sure. There have been separate posts in Russian on Habra ( 1 , 2 and 3 ).
Let’s move on to the video. Here’s a recent example of how to use Leap in conjunction with a programming language Scratch As you can see, it is very easy to do, and the result is an application that animates the movement of a character on the screen :
This is where Leap connects to WPF:
And this is where Unity is used (there are already a lot of different videos on YouTube about using the controller with Unity. By the way, not only Unity version 4 is supported, but also version 3.5. You can connect your project with Leap using C# and the same programs that are used for AR or Kinect projects):
This is where the iMac is turned into a touchscreen :
And the holy thing, the anboxing of the freshly arrived devkit :

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